Beginner Skateboard Tricks – Complete Beginners Guide 2020

If you are going to start skateboarding, all you need is to learn beginner skateboard tricks. It would help if you also had little confidence and patience because it is challenging for beginners to skate correctly. It also takes time because you need more and more practice to skateboard like a professional.

Beginner Skateboard Tricks

You will face problems at the beginning of your practice. Skateboarding is not much difficult as it seems to be. It is an art that is a little tricky and needs some time for learning.

Once you learn all the skateboard tricks names, you will become a master of skateboarding. Without sacrifices, nothing can be made accessible in this realistic world.


  1. Nollie
  2. Biebelheimer
  3. Caveman
  4. Nollie Shove-it
  5. Riding Off a Curb

  6. Fakie Front Side 180
  7. Boneless
  8. Nose Pickup
  9. Hippie Jump
  10. Rail Stand
  11. Heelflip
  12. Fakie Casper Flop


Following are some of the beginner skateboard tricks that will help your confidence throughout your journey.

Trick #1: Nollie

In the Nollie skateboard trick, you have to give the board a little forward push so that the front wheel bounces off a crack. By doing this, your skateboard will pop up off the ground.

Keep in mind that the nose of your skateboard is not hitting the ground. You will have to lift a little the back wheels up, and the rest is just sticking around on the top of the board.

Trick #2: Biebelheimer

In biebelheimer, you do snatch the skateboard with the nose and have your fingers on the opposite side. Then, give a turn of 180 degrees to your board so that the grip tape could hit the ground.

Most important is that when you throw your board down, make sure that it slightly angled. The angled side makes the flip over.

Trick #3: Caveman

Caveman is a traditional trick that skaters use for a long time for adding extra style. It is the trick from which most skateboarders started their journey. The Caveman is easy to perform but has more steps as compared to other skateboard tricks.

For doing the Caveman beginner skateboard trick, you will have to jump and land back on the board. When you have comfortably jumped onto the board, again pick the board with one hand, drop it directly, and jump on it again after hitting the ground.

Trick #4: Nollie Shove-it

A shove-it is where you have to make the board spin at 180 degrees. Make sure that the tail of the board doesn’t hit the ground.

In shove-it, your front foot will remain in the same place while your back foot will perform the shove. It is the most common skateboard trick, and every beginner must do it while skateboarding. It is a very useful trick in the list of beginner skateboard tricks.

Trick #5: Riding Off a Curb

Is the Riding off a Curb skateboard trick name seems to be very difficult? If yes, don’t need to worry about it. In this trick, you will have to make individual cruises in the street. Once you become able to do a ride off a curb, you will skate around and will be having fun.

So far, it is the most difficult trick in which you will have to lift the front wheels into the air. All you need is to be comfortable on your board and to get it better, do it while you are on speed.

Trick #6: Fakie Front Side 180

In front side 180, the leading role is of your momentum. It is a simple, skateboard trick name to perform. You have to jump in the air, twist your body, and land back on the board.

If you are having trouble, try to do more and more to accomplish it. The trick is easy to perform and full of fun while experiencing it.

Trick #7: Boneless

The Boneless skateboard trick is less about popping your board, and more about jumping off your feet. You need to set your feet up in a position where it is easy for your front foot to come out.

For boneless, you will have to leave your back foot on the board and grab it with your hand. Next, you need to jump off your foot off the skateboard and jump back on it.

Trick #8: Nose Pickup

You may have come across different tricks in which you have to pick the skateboard in the tail or nose. Nose Pickup is similar to most skateboard tricks where you have to choose the board on a kick. This trick can be performed fast when you cruise at a higher speed.

In Nose Pickup, at the rolling time, place the front foot on the nose, and get down with your toes and pick the board. This trick does not demand too much practice except the getting down step to select the skateboard.

One thing that needs to take care is while you do pick up, don’t slow down or stop on the nose, resulting in the board’s flying up.

Trick #9: Hippie Jump

In hippie jump, all you need to know about is how to jump. It is a straightforward and simple trick. Make sure that when you jump, you don’t press the tail or nose of the board. The same is for when you land; try to land on the bolts, not on tail or nose. If you do so, you will have a chance to fall on the ground and have an injury.

This beginner skateboard trick seems easy but is full of danger. You will have to take more exceptional care if you are doing any step for the first time.

Trick #10: Rail Stand

In rail stand, one edge of your board is on the ground, and you are standing on the other. You will have your feet on the wheels for pushing to flip the board over. You will have to step over on top of the board as the board turns while your back foot hangs on the wheel.

Bring your front foot back while you are standing on the rail. You have to push forward and then again on the top of the wheel. All you require is to practice well to learn this simple trick.

Trick #11: Heelflip

In the heelflip skateboard trick name, the board performs a flipping rotation on its long axis. Rise the board with a suitable size Ollie and jump behind to retain the board beneath you. Moreover, take time to get into the air ere you flick.

Go for flicking your heel above. Whenever you start the flip, follow your front foot and keep it out atop the board.

Trick #12: Fakie Casper Flop

In terms of pressure mechanics, the Fakie Casper Flop skateboard trick is similar to the rail stand. In this beginner skateboard trick, you will have to rotate the skateboard by placing your back foot on its tail. This trick is easy to perform, and you need to practice it as much as you can.

During practice, focus on pressing the tail of the board to flip it over. You will come in contact with the ground for a short time, and in that time, you will flip it back and stand on it again.

Final Words:

Well! That’sThat’s all about the best-known beginner skateboard tricks. The beginner skateboard tricks mentioned above seems to be simple for someone who has been doing skateboarding for years. Best skateboard for all of these tricks is Meketec Cruiser Skateboard.

But that does not mean that a beginner cannot practice them. These tricks are simple for those beginners who have the skill to be comfortable on the board. Also grab the knowledge about how to ride a skateboard.

These tricks are the perfect blend of ease and stylish to help you make your journey peaceful and joyful. The skateboard tricks names are important enough to keep you motivated, and with these tricks, you feel improvement.

You will need to learn different skateboard tricks names in your journey as it will be your passion then. All of the beginner skateboard tricks that we mentioned are experts passed, and you can try any of them. Best of Luck

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