Meketec Best Cruiser Skateboard in 2020 – Complete Review & Buying Guide

The Meketec gives a wide range of stock to spark their imagination and color preferences for the kids and adults. This colorful best cruiser skateboard will attract them to play for a more extended period.

Meketec Mini Best Cruiser Skateboard – mini cruiser

best cruiser skateboard

Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners

Here we have the Meketec Mini cruiser retro skateboard with the dimensions of 22- by 6-inches for both kids and adults. This best cruiser skateboard, we are going to review, is well-researched and high-rated.

It is a light weighted mini cruiser that weighs only 3.8 pounds and is built with a compact and portable design to fit into your bag easily. You can carry it anywhere for skateboarding, which is ideal for kids, adults, and beginners.

The Meketec mini-cruiser retro skateboard is featuring a plastic deck that possesses an anti-slippery pattern. This plastic cruiser is a suitable choice for you to cruise around. There are many varieties available in the designs for selection, and you will surely get much fun from this mini cruiser.


Simple Design:

This best cruiser skateboard has a straightforward and simple design, with a broad dimension of 22-inches length x 6-inches width. So, this mini cruiser board is a blast to ride with much space for your feet on top of its deck.

Additionally, it is fully assembled and gets ready for you to enjoy your joyride. Similarly, it is a light weighted mini cruise that can be easily fitted into a backpack and can be carried everywhere.

Meketec mini cruiser skateboard is designed with the routine skater in mind, and both the kids and adults will love its smooth and versatile ride.

Durable and Stable:

When it comes to quality, the Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard holds two best features safety and stability. These two are the most crucial things that every consumer wants to be on a skateboard.

Moreover, its deck is crafted with bendable Polypropylene and durable material for a long-lasting experience. The heavy-duty aluminum truck wheels can also hold weight up to 200 pounds. It is perfect for supporting riders, kids, adults as well as teens.

Outstanding Performance:

This best cruiser skateboard is featured with the 3.25-inches thick aluminum trucks for control and high speed. The different maneuvering ability via its sharp turns will provide you controllable ride within heavy foot traffic without any bumping.

Moreover, the non-slip board of this mini cruiser is perfect for additional safety. This well-built mini skateboard is safe for the ride for any level of riders with its CE certification.

Besides, due to its compact board size, it is a fantastic choice for crossing your campus. You can take it to the park, school, road with ease, and go to a nearby store.

Smooth and Speedy Ride:

The Meketec best cruiser skateboard features soft and smooth PU 78A wheels for some relaxed cruising. Additionally, it is equipped with the High-Speed ABEC-7 Bearings and has the stunning Shock absorption capacity.

So, this mini cruiser is suitable for soaking up all street bumps and sidewalk cracks, providing you with a smooth, comfortable ride.


Weight                                                     3.8 pounds

Weight Loading Capacity                     200 pounds

Material                                                  High Quality bendable, sturdy Polypropylene

Deck Dimensions                                   22 x 6 inches

Wheels                                                    60 x 45mm PU wheel 78A

V-truck and base                                   3.25-inches Heavy-duty High-quality Aluminum

Bearing                                                    ABEC-7 Bearing

  • Durable and well designed
  • Perfect gift for kids
  • Stable and rolls well.
  • Very similar to a large skateboard
  • Built well with good material
  • It’s small and light for easy carrying
  • Some adults complain that their feet could not fit on the board.
  • It has a second look due to the plastic used.

Final Words:

best cruiser skateboard

Meketec Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard for Kids Boys Youths Beginners

We would say that the Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard is for your rediscovering fun, playing, and commuting. Moreover, this best cruiser skateboard has plenty of colours, and you can pick the admiring one that can fit your style for more fun and enjoyment.

It does not need to assemble as it comes complete, prepare to go right out of the box, and hit the streets. The high quality, tear-resistant PU wheels can also decrease pumping and give you comfortable and safe riding.

The Meketec Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard is the best super gift for your kids learning the skateboard worth cherishing for a long-time.

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