Best skateboard for beginners adults – Complete Buying Guide 2021

It could be challenging to find the best skateboard for beginners adults when you are new to this sport. There are several factors one has to consider before making the purchase. However, it has come to my view that most of the users fall for aesthetic graphics. But there is much more to a skateboard than this to keep exploring.

Other than spending dollars, it would help if you had any insight into the item you are buying. For this, I have listed the top 8 beginners’ skateboards to have.

Do not worry if you like a skateboard and yet afraid to purchase because there is a complete buying guide to help you out.

List of Top 8 Best Skateboard for beginners Adults — Updated picks of 2021!


Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 5.06 pounds
  • Size: 31.75 inches
  • Load: 330 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 5.15 pounds
  • Size: 31.63 inches
  • Load: up to 200 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Size: 32 inches
  • Load: 220 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 10.14 pounds
  • Size: 41 inches
  • Load: up to 300 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 4.85 pounds
  • Size: 31 inches
  • Load: 220 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 4.25 pounds
  • Size: 22 inches
  • Load: up to 220 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Size: 31.5 inches
  • Load: up to 200 pounds
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Best skateboard for beginners adults - Complete Buying Guide 2021

  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Size: 20 inches
  • Load: about 200 pounds
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1. WhiteFang Skateboards

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-1)

If you are new to skateboards sports, then this Amazon’s choice pair is going to help you. It has been ranked for its exceptional quality and durability. Not just that, for a beginner, it is quite budget-friendly. 

A unique quality of 7 layers of Canadian-maple has been used to ensure the moderate effects of weight. Since it is one of the top brands, the experts have paid attention to every detail. Hence, it uses magnesium alloy trucks. 

Undoubtedly wheels play a crucial role. Therefore, they perform amazing on smooth as well as rough grounds. However, you are a beginner, but with this best skateboard for beginners adults opportunities never seize. You can practice and learn new moves with double kick dissymmetric concave combined with customized emery sandpaper. It keeps your feet fixed. 

You are a beginner, and there is nothing wrong with looking for a skate that offers excellent graphics. These skates are designed professionally by using the two most admired colors; black and white. This precise design guarantees to last longer regardless of the floor you use it on. 

If you are not a fan and looking for someone else, then this is the best gift for a true enthusiast. Note that if you are worried about making the wrong purchase or have trouble, WhiteFang provides exceptional after-sales service. 


  • Canadian Maple

It comes with 7 Canadian maple layers—a symbol of high durability and quality generated by Canadians.

  • ABEC-9 bearings

Starting from ABEC-3 to ABEC-9 are the standard types of bearing. ABEC-9 bearing is the highest quality of circular compartment that lets your skateboard’s roll smoothly.

  • Dissymmetric concave

With this concave on your skateboard, you have more opportunities to learn tricks. Also, it is used in skateboards made for beginners.


· 5-inch magnesium alloy trucks ensuring durability

· 95A high bound PU bushing for excellent wheels flow

· Doesn’t require to be assembled


· If used roughly, the board may not last longer than expected

2. Powell Flying Dragon Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-2)

Skateboarding for beginners and adults is always full of adventures and fun. Wheels play a primary role in helping the user feel at ease. The wheels of Powell Skateboard are exceptionally great. Amazon’s reviews state, keep balancing the wheels, and will take you anywhere you want. 

We are now moving to the second most liked thing about this skateboard, the deck. The deck is supportive for beginners in particular. It is a bit longer than standard skateboards in the market. The increased length is to help easy learning.

In addition to that, there is a strap attached, which helps in keeping the deck together. With this feature, the user is safe from injuries if it breaks. It is an excellent match for those who love funky graphics. The golden dragon design will last longer. 

Moreover, the soft truck bushing allows easy turns. Remember, if it is your first time skating, start by balancing yourself on soft ground. In this way, you save yourself from threatening injuries. However, if you have skated before then, these soft truck bushings are a plus. For this price you this is the best package you can get.


  • K12 Concave

The concave design is deep enough to let the skater perform tricks by providing exceptional stiffness.

  • Hand-cast Polyurethane Wheels

These wheels provide smooth and delicate rolling. This feature turns out to be great for beginners.

  • Screened bottom

The surface of the skateboard has colored graphics. It helps in cleaned skating no matter the condition of the floor.


· Extended deck with high stability

· High rebound wheels with outstanding rolls and grips

· Suitable for both beginners and intermediate skaters


· User has to learn weight balancing before skating on hard grounds

3. Minority Maple Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-3)

If you are looking for a skateboard that allows greater control with instant brakes, then scroll no more. This skateboard by Minority is known for its double kick concave design and 32″x8″ dimension. Hence it is suitable for a person of any height.

It also allows beginners to learn some fun tricks by providing more excellent stability. The deck is exceptionally comfortable. With high strength, it also has a slip-resistant surface. Try and balance your weight, and you are ready to rock the grounds. 

Alongside my preference, it is also Amazon’s choice best budget skateboard. Admired For the fantastic designs and colors done on it, it is one of the most demanded skateboards during the gifts season. If you are a fan of vintage, then check out its graphics. If not, you can peel it off.

In addition to that, the trucks are made from high-quality genuine material, enhancing the skateboard’s life. Do not afraid to practice as it has tested on different floors. 

Furthermore, the wheels are soft; hence once you learn the tricks, you can get expertise in turns as well. As per the reviews for the price, it is a justified product.


  • Rock Maple deck

Rock maple deck signifies the board’s stiffness and makes it long-lasting irrespective of its use. 

  • Aluminum trucks

The aluminum trucks increase the durability and reduce the weight of the skateboard compared to steel tracks. 

  • Mediate concave

The concave design with the nose of the skateboard is of moderate dimension. Hence, the tricks are more comfortable to perform.


· Suitable for every type of rider and every age

· Paired with a durable carrying bag 

· 5-inch aluminum alloy trucks


· Not ideal for people above 220 lbs 

4. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-4)

This skateboard is for those who are new and do not want to take a risk on their first ride. The stability is impressive, and learning is fun. Considering the deck of this board, which is quite long, supports longer rides. Undoubtedly during practice, we ride for a much longer time, and the floor keeps continually changing. Hence, this deck is durable and enjoyable to practice with.  

We are continuing on the user’s favorite part of the deck, the low-ride. Since it is closer to the ground, the rider has full control of it. If you are discovering the turns, it is one of the best skateboards for beginners and adults to try. 

In addition to that, longer boards are not famous for easy turning, but with the unique design, it allows full control a beginner requires. If you are an intermediate skateboarder, you would understand the importance of a Wide-Lip 70x51mm super high rebound. If you are new, know that these wheels give smooth movement. The wheelbase is large enough to provide stability without causing any inconvenience. 

The reviews are the justification of the exceedingly high quality. The brand is promising, not just that this board will stick with you even when you will be a skateboard expert.


  • High-speed lubricant

It allows a disturbance-free flow as it is used alongside ABEC-9 bearings.

  • Super high rebound (SHR)

When it is combined with the urethane wheel, the grip is exceptionally increased. Therefore, high-level tricks are performed more comfortably. 

  • 80S grip tape

A black grip tape is used. With the 80s grip tape, the skater can quickly secure its feet and go along without any worry of falling it when performing tricks.


· Smooth wheels on any floor

· One-year limited warranty

· Low-riding board makes it best for beginners, be it adult or kids


· To some users, the grip tape might cause some problem

5. ChromeWheels Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-5)

If you were looking for a skateboard that would be best for all your siblings? Then scroll no more! This unique skateboard is fantastic for users of all ages and all levels of expertise. It is one of the best skateboards for beginners adults because of the maximum brakes and control. 

Since it gives extra control to the user, it helps learn the basic tricks and turns. 

In addition to that, the eight maple layer is another plus one can not ignore. It makes this budget-friendly skateboard durable and long-lasting. You have total liberty of skating on different floors if you learn to balance your weight. 

Besides all the qualities mentioned above, the wheels of this skateboard are impressive. The wheels are not just smooth like butter but also 5mm shock-resistant. Hence it is suitable for soft as well as hard grounds. 

Are you wondering what makes a skateboard long-lasting? The material used in its manufacturing. This skateboard by ChromeWheels is made using aluminum. Therefore, the base is one of the most vital parts of this skate. 

Alongside the wheels come the bearing. These bearings are of ABEC-7 High-speed precision. If you still haven’t made up your mind to purchase this, remember it comes with a carrying bag. Furthermore, it comes pre-assembled.


  • Double kick concave

It specifies that a skater of any experience can instantly apply brakes whenever needed. The concave design made it possible.

  • Steel axle

The steel axle is used to make sure that the skateboard can easily carry the weight of the person riding it. Hence it is related to the durability of the skateboard.

  • PU bushings

It shows how much the brand has invested in its product. Polyurethane Bushings help in making the ride extra smooth and remarkable.


· Comes with a reliable carrying bag

· Offers higher stability 

· Smooth wheels at a reasonable price


· The graphics can get easily scratched

6. Penny Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-6)

Skateboarding for beginners adults has been made easier with this super light skateboard. It is easy to carry around. Since it is lightweight, learning weight balancing will be much easier than expected. In addition to that, it is a short skateboard of 22 inches.

It will suit you best if you plan on getting pro at turns and basic tricks as it provides greater control and smooth movement. As it is smaller in size, it is best for practicing days. You can carry it in your backpack, place it in a locker. You can take it anywhere you want. 

Among the many other quality factors, the most loved and demanded one is the waffle-top deck. This waffle-top is a plus for those afraid to ride on rough grounds and try basic tricks. Therefore it gives excellent grip hence minimizing the chances of falling. Penny Complete is famous for this non-slippery waffle deck. 

The plastic material used in the skateboard has been tested for its quality. It has been approved to be used as the best skateboard setup one can have. If you are an intermediate skater, then 22inch will be fine; however, I recommend 27 inches of this same brand and product line for a beginner. 


  • Penny ABEC 7

Penny makes its bearings. Hence this one is of high quality and makes the wheel roll smoothly.

  • Non-slip top deck

The deck is made of plastic non-slip waffle top deck. Therefore, the rider will not slip even if there is rain.

  • 59mm 83A Wheels

These are closer to the ground and make the flip trick super easy.


· Lightweight and easy to carry around

· Smooth movement with Penny ABEC 7 bearings

· Non-slippery waffle-top deck


· It runs faster than intended because of the small size

7. Krown Rookie Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-7)

I couldn’t emphasize more the fact that the deck is the most crucial part when deciding the best skateboard for an older person. Therefore, Krown Rookie skateboard comes with a 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch Deck perfect for a beginner who is either learning tricks or who is going to skate for the first time.

The deck provides the rider with the highest stability. Hence there is a rare chance of injuries. Moreover, the grip tape is hard and firm, adding to the stability the skateboard offers. 52mm Urethane wheels are another notable point increasing the quality of the brand.

With these wheels, you will experience smooth rides. Not just that, these wheels are made to last on soft and hard grounds. The 5.0″ Aluminum Trucks are closer to the ground, supporting easy turnings and effortless tricks. 

For a beginner, the appearance of the skateboard plays a significant role. Do not worry, as this skateboard comes with trendy graphics. You can choose from the many designs available. 


  • 5″ aluminum trucks

Aluminum increases the sturdiness of the skateboard. In addition to that, 5” is the ideal dimension to make the wheels fit and roll correctly.

  •  Urethane Krown Graphic

Not just the deck, but the wheel also has graphics. Urethane krown graphics last longer and do not peel off easily.

  • 7.5-Inch x 31-Inch deck

It is best for beginners as well as experienced people. Ideal for skating or doing tricks. As the length never becomes a barrier between flipping the skateboard.


· Fully assembled 

· Reliable black grip tape

· 5-inch Aluminum Trucks


· The bushings do not support high speed or pro tricks

8. KPC Pro Skateboard

best skateboard for beginners adults (product-8)

As the name represents, it is best for pros, then why is it in the list of best skateboard for beginners adults? It is for the reason that it has a fantastic sized deck, which is excellent for beginners, and the fact that you will not always stay a beginner. 

The 7.75 inches deck is supported by high-quality wheels that give a perfect riding experience to beginners. Additionally, the Canadian Maple adds to the stability of the deck. When riding, you can experience the grip it offers. With the modern concave design, the pop up becomes much more manageable than other skateboards. 

The grip is added by using a grip tape in black color. Hence, if you do not want to give people a look that you are learning, it is the best trick. Moreover, it looks perfect with the Black Aluminum Trucks. Not just in appearance, this aluminum truck is the essence of this skateboard. 

If your search was for a skateboard stronger than rookies, this is it. 


  • Metal trucks

The metal trucks do not get rust quickly when used in water. Therefore, it is used to enhance the life of the skateboard.

  • Grip Tape

The black grip tape allows the user to secure their feet. Therefore, during tricks, the skateboard stays with the feet.

  • High-rebound urethane wheels

The urethane wheels reflect quality. Alongside that, the high-rebound allows smooth tricks. Therefore, when your skateboard hits the ground, it doesn’t wobble.


· Deck secured with Canadian Maple

· Durable aluminum trucks 

· Trendy graphics


· Only suitable for basic tricks

Buying Guide

Before making the purchase, there are so many factors to consider to have a wonderful experience. Because you are a beginner, you might not be very familiar with the importance of every minor detail.

Do not worry; go through the following crucial points to get a skateboard that will match your needs. Not just that, you can also get a skateboard that would accompany you through the journey from a beginner to a pro.

Deck of the Skate

Let us start from the very basic yet the most crucial part of the skateboard. The size of the deck fluctuates between several inches. Hence, giving you a real opportunity to select the one according to your size and height.

In addition to that, the deck’s material plays a significant role in deciding if it will be sturdy or flexible. You can choose between Maple and bamboo. The former provides more stability, while the latter allows flexibility.

Length of the Deck

For some, the length is essential; however, to be honest, the length doesn’t make much of a difference. Usually, skateboards come in a standard length, which is suitable for everyone. But people have opted small length skateboards for kids.

Remember that if you are comfortable putting your feet on the board, then the length is not a concern. However, if you have tried and demanded a longboard, you must not choose a skateboard but a longboard.

It is better to use a skateboard size chart for adults. It will help in the right purchasing.

Width of the Deck

Unlike the length, the width plays a vital role in the selection of a right skateboard. The more expansive the deck, the more stable it is to ride on. For a beginner, I highly recommend a skateboard with a high width.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule. You can learn on a smaller width as well. Get your best skateboard for older people and start practicing.

The concave design of the skateboard

There are plenty of concave designs available for beginner adults. For a beginner, I recommend a medium curved shaped concave as it allows higher stability.

Furthermore, there are steep concaves available, as well. These designs allow us to perform tricks but do not offer stability. Therefore, it is not suitable for a beginner but a pro.

Grip tape for beginner

These tips are not only for beginners but also for experts. There could be times when for unforeseeable events, you can slip. The grip tape is to secure your feet and shoe as well. In addition to that, these grips help the rider in learning new tricks quickly.

However, I would suggest you try new tricks on soft ground to avoid any injury. The grip comes in various colors; most people prefer black color. Note that the grip can get loose and lose friction. It is better to purchase a new one as soon as the grip starts to lose friction.

Skateboard Wheels

A beginner’s experience wholly depends on the smoothness of its board’s wheel. If somehow you have bought a skateboard with the wrong wheel, there is a chance of never having a good long ride.

Furthermore, the wheel’s material also plays a significant role in deciding the wheels’ performance. For beginners, plastic material is recommended. Different sizes can confuse you, as well.

90a level is the most common of all. Moreover, an intermediate skater who knows some tricks will usually have a wheel of number 100a.

Building on the features, the diameter is next, which a beginner must consider. The ease of tricks decides the diameter. A wheel with a low diameter will be closer to the ground; hence more tricks can be performed. But for a beginner, it is better to have higher diameter wheels.

Moreover, the larger wheels are much faster than smaller wheels. To conclude, it is best to have wheels between 78a to 97a.

Skateboard Bearings

The bearing can choose on the base of the rating they get in ABEC. ABEC-1 TO ABEC-3 the bearings are cheap, so is the quality. With the excessive friction produced, these will not last long. ABEC-5 TO ABEC-7 is the bearing most commonly used in skateboards. These are best suited for beginners. ABEC-9+ is the highest rating and most expensive of all. It provides extra speed and efficiency hence the best choice for a professional. But remember, the beginning of skateboarding requires higher stability and reliability. Spending some dollars to have a good experience is better than never wanting to skate.

The quality of the bearing is harder to determine, as every brand makes its bearing. However, a skater wants to reduce the friction between the wheels and the truck axle. Therefore it is suggested to have a steel or metal bearing. It is accessible on the funds and one of the most durable bearings.

As far as the metal bearings are concerned, the user must pay attention to make it last longer. The friction gets exceptionally high when the wheels and truck axle are rubbed against each other. It results in damaging the metal bearing. However, you can help the bearings by applying a lubricant.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a more durable material, you may opt for ceramic bearings. These bearings will last longer as they are made to bear high pressure and run for longer rides. Because of these characteristics, these are overpriced.

For a beginner, I do not recommend ceramic bearings.

Trucks of the skateboard

Observing the skateboard’s truck is quite a task for an adult beginner. However, among the other features of the board, it also holds the same significance. Therefore, you must take out time to analyze the truck of your skateboard before the purchase.

Among the high profile trucks lies the opportunity of full control. You can find it on longboards and cruisers. If your purchase intention is to excellent speed and steering, then you should go for these trucks.

It is time to talk about the medium truck profile a beginner usually comes in contact with—these help manage yourself in parks or streets. In addition to that, with this profile, it is easier to try basic tricks. If you pair it with 53-56mm wheels, you are good to go.

At last, a skateboard can have low profile trucks, which are extremely good for flip tricks. These are closer to the ground hence offers higher stability. It is best suited for pro skaters who love to try new tricks now and then.


It is you who has to make the final choice. But as an expert, I would highly recommend you not to go for higher prices at the start. Since you are learning, you might damage the skateboard.

In addition to that, go for a skateboard that offers higher stability than flipping tricks. Initially, you have to focus on balancing your weight and trying on different floors before learning the basic tricks,

To conclude, I would highly recommend you to take a fully assembled skateboard. Do not go for purchasing individual parts for your first skateboard.

It is your time to learn and experiment.

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