Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Do you remember going to beaches and watches surfers enjoying surfing all day? But now those surfers have brought it into the streets with the skateboards and we choose the best skateboard for beginners. Presently, skateboarding has become a popular sport among adults and kids too. They are looking for some of the best skateboards for beginners in the market. The following article is going to guide you about the best items you will ever choose.

List of Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners — Updated picks of 2020!


Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 27″
  • Load: 166 lbs
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Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 22.5″
  • Load:  220 lbs
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Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 22″
  • Load: 180 lbs
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Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 225″
  • Load: 176 lbs
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Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 32″
  • Load: 220 lbs
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Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 41″
  • Load: 275 lbs
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Top 7 Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 22.5″
  • Load: 200 lbs
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1) Retrospec Zed Bamboo Complete Cruiser – Longboard Skateboard

Surfing in seaways was too coming the way before. Still, it all originated in California, where most of the surfers aimed to bring this surfing to the streets with the help of longboard skateboards. So if you are a surfer and want to enjoy it on the roads, you just have to go with this one as it is effortlessly cool, providing you an undeniably dapper, offers you smooth surfing in the stubborn and rough streets because of its durable wheels. This longboard skateboard gives you a super classic feeling while surfing with it. Its certain features, this skateboard, will bring you from here to there but also from California to the beach nostalgia. It will take a little offer to take you from one place to another within no time. Having extreme running accuracy and speed it offers you the capacity to handle all of your adventures finely. It’s one of the best skateboards for beginners.

Features You Must Know

This skateboard offers you just one task like a single style of surfing but also provides you a lot of ease to tackle the tricks correctly. This multi-functional skateboard will help you to explore a wide range of styles of surfing and gliding. Moreover, it is suitable for all types of riders, no matter if you are a beginner you can surf like a pro with it. The main feature is that the bamboo used in it makes it more durable and faster and surfers are mainly concerned with the deck length and the quality wheels as they have to take long paths from one place to another. So it’s deck length is okay, and wheels are sturdy too, which help the beginners to surf in the stubborn streets. Everything is just up to the mark, including the color combination, brand, physical features, and the material used in its manufacturing. It also offers you 8-ply Canadian maple and the up to the mark bamboo used in its construction, which is the best thing for getting the deck’s stability and strength. Moreover, 7-inch rugged aluminum truck wheels that provide finish stability with rocks.

  • It provides high speed along with accuracy
  • It comes in packaging with no assembly required
  • Available at reasonable prices
  • Deck made up of bamboo and maple leaf
  • It gives you a comfortable and secure grip
  • Slick design that adds more to its beauty
  • Strong and stubborn wheels with ABEC-7 bearings
  • The bearings with wheels may cause trouble sometimes.
  • A deck may split suddenly

2) Skatexs Beginner Panda – Kids Skateboard

Being a parent, sometimes it is quite challenging to search for safe, sting surfers for your children as young surfers or beginners in this field. Their safety and security matter the most. In this age, not only adults but also the kids are passionate about surfing in the streets and the kids’ skateboard. Most of the parents spend a lot of money on buying their children beginner skateboards, but most of them are jot durable and will not provide you with guarantee security. So if you are looking for safe and robust skateboards for your kids, then thee will be no better option other than this SkateXS beginner panda street kids skateboard. It is one of the best kids’ skateboards, and it would not be wrong if it is said that number one skateboard for kids. The design, the quality, and all the features are best for beginners and kids. Designed for kids of all ages, it will be the best thing you will ever choose for your children.

Features You Must Know

Having all the features, it allows your children to enjoy all the stunts and tricks safely. Having a perfect deck length and quality material is ideal for those kids who are more adventurous and want to try more skills. Compared to the other skateboards, it’s made up of bamboo, not maple, and this is the significant reason it is lightweight and easy to carry by the kids without any hurdle. When you invest in SkateXS skateboard, you don’t have to worry about investing in one of the best kids skateboard in the market. The quality is long-lasting and up to mark. All the features from style and cord to the material used, everything is being satisfied. Being smaller in size will provide your children with more ease to perform even advanced tricks with it. Because of its small size, it is also suitable for cruising. Also available for all ages in the kids, from 5 years to 6 years and even from 11 years to 12 years. Being a combination of all the requirements, if you are thinking of buying this one for your kid, don’t wait, hurry up, go buy it.

  • As described, the deck is made up of bamboo instead of the maple leaf, providing more stability.
  • Being constructed with bamboo gives you the advantage to print any of your desired cartoon or kid name on it.
  • Being available for the kids of all ages, it is available in several sizes.
  • Available in the smaller size, it is a pro skateboard for beginners to learn surfing.
  • Because of its stubborn and robust nature, you can perform several tricks with it.
  • The construction design, it’s lightweight and features, everything is all well put.
  • The only con to be considered with this kids’ skateboard is that it is high in cost.

3) Playwheels Ultimate Spider Man – Beginner Skateboard for Kids

Skateboarding has become a conventional means of transport from one place to another these days. But all this can be done with the help of a comfortable skateboard mainly when it is about the beginners. More and more kids are looking towards skating to make it their profession. It is the only reason why all kids are looking to get the best skateboards for beginners in the form of doing gifts on their birthdays. When you are looking for some beginner skateboards for kids, there is no o

ther best option for your kids other than this. It will make the skating dream of your kid turn into reality and specifically designed for kids. They will like owning their car with it. It is a fact that most of the people out there want to enjoy surfing but are not prepared to spend a lot of money on buying quality skateboards. But this option is going to be the best with like it a perfect package within a reasonable price. This spider man featured skateboard is ideal for those children who are eager to learn the balance and the coordination that is the basic need while learning skateboarding.

Features You Must Know

Providing your child his favorite featured characters, it has a brightly colored deck. The large surface area provided by the 9-ply deck is the best thing to consider while learning surfing because of its right amount of space when you are going to start riding. The grip is secure enough that is keenly designed to keep the feet of your children firmly planted on the board. There is also a mechanism for maneuvering and braking with a single kicktail. There are alps PVC injected bearings in the wheel, which will offer long, safe and smooth ride without any danger of injury. Recommend to the kids of all ages and weight ranges up to 100 pounds. It’s excellent for your kid’s safety and provided with a firm grip. There are also some features for high speed with other composite trucks and steel axles. These nylon bearing that is embedded in the wheels provide you a smooth cruising experience. With simple designs and a bundle of features, 8t will enable your kids to experience several tricks of surfing and cruising. This item also comes with many customized superhero designs on it.

  • Have a very grippy surface for the safety of your child
  • Having all the features, it is an ideal choice for young children
  • It’s made up of high manufactured components
  • The deck is made up of 9-ply maple, providing enough surface to balance
  • Perfect size, enabling your children to ride easily
  • Small and lightweight
  • Have bearings which are for focusing on cruising
  • Cheap for such a good quality skateboards
  • Has limited colors
  • Can bear weight up to only 100 pounds

4) Skatexs Personalized Skateboard – Beginners Skateboard

As we know that in the past, skateboarding was considered majorly as a hobby, but now kids are demanding more and more of it. It as soon becomes an increasingly popular sport among kids. Moreover, they are demanding their favorite characters to be printed on it. It cannot be denied that skateboarding is beneficial for your child. As it involves the movement of the whole body, it is quite helpful in the growth of the entire body of your kid. When talked about girls, it is the same cases as in the boys. They are also demanding their skateboards with their favorite characters imprinted on it. So if you are looking to choose any customized beginner skateboard for your kid, then there is no better option than this personalized beginner unicorn girls skateboard. Thus we will be going to the best option. You will print your kids’ names or characters on top of it. This beginner skateboard designed explicitly for the parent who is looking for comfortable skateboards for their children with small feet.

Features You Must Know

When your kid is demanding you to bring them the best customize and reliable best skateboard for beginners, then this will be going to the best option for them. It’s large and sturdy deck has made skateboarding easy and comfortable for your kid as the deck is made up of bamboo so it is strong enough and lightweight, adding to more comfortable carrying. The material bamboo is perfect for the deck portion as it helps the beginners to control the skateboard easily, and it will not break under pressure conditions. It has been designed with quality components making it one of the best choices for you. It is one of the most trusted and finest brands in the market of skateboards. There are also lightweight trucks that aid in the control and performance of the surfer. The item is ready to skate out from the box, and you don’t have to assemble it.

  • It is known for its unique and personalized design
  • Available in an extensive range of colors and customized schemes
  • Deck made up of high-quality bamboo
  • Board is durable and lightweight
  • Size is appropriate, helps to surf easily
  • Prices are also reasonable and can easily be affordable by all the parents.
  • Less abrasion resistant for adults
  • Extremely tough and can be skated aggressively by full-size adults

5) Eggboards Longboard Skateboard –  Small Skateboard for Toddlers

The persons who are all-rounder skaters are now demanding more and more of skateboards. The primary demand is that the skateboard should be versatile and not limited by heights and weight. For this reason, mostly, the longboard skateboard is generally preferred over the normal ones. They are also demanding small portable kind of skateboards that can easily be carried everywhere. For this demand, you will not find any other choice better than this Mini Eggboards skateboard that is specially designed small skateboard for toddlers. It can be easily adjusted in small backpacks and lockers too. It’s a small size, and small wheels have made it a perfect choice for the rider because of its smooth and comfortable ride. Being ideal for toddlers, it offers them safe handling, which makes them feel like a pro. You can surely enjoy rides freely from one place to another without having any concern about the breakage of the deck.

Features You Must Know About

It is perfect for those who are demanding to bring all the pleasures of longboarding to skateboarding. Being designed with the fact of the egghead, they are just stable, offering you a smooth and full of a fun ride. It has aluminum longboard trucks, soft-density wheels enable you to enjoy skateboarding in rough and sturdy streets. Being manufactured smoothly, it provides a great way to cruise through several destinations. Its large wheels will give you endless stability and grip over your ride.

  • Portable and carried everywhere you want
  • Can be easily adjusted in your backpack
  • Bearings embedded in the wheels make long rides less exhausting
  • Trucks remain loose at low speed because of high-quality brushing
  • A little bit slower than others
  • More suitable for smaller people because of its size

6) Ratified dot shark Cruzer complete skateboard – Santa Cruz skateboard

If you are looking to find some good skateboards, then you must have to go with this Santa Cruz skateboard. For almost 40 years in the industry of the skateboards, they are over it and continuously developing day by day. If you want to customize your ride, there would be no better choice for you other than this Santa Cruz skateboard. Being crafted with 100 % maple enables you to print your kind of characters on it or to customize it with your own choice. It will not disappoint you for sure when it comes to visual appeal. They are known all over the world for their customized character designs that are imprinted on them. If you want to enjoy a smooth ride, then this will be going as the best and most appropriate option for you as it provides you a smoother and more comfortable ride as compared to other skateboards.

Features You Must Know About

  1. These kinds of Santa Cruz customized skateboards are pretty decent, mainly designed for the kids. They are quite perfect for a cruiser as they are not too much on the durometer scale, but it is still able to cope up with your problems. These kinds of boards are mostly recommended for beginners, as they are trying to learn riding and surfing. If you are looking for independent trucks and skateboard, then you must have to go with this one. This Santa Cruz skateboard will nor disappoint you, as it is easily availed at meager prices with high quality. These kinds of skateboards will provide you endless pop and are made up of high-quality maple, it has one of the sturdy and sting deck, which will help you to enjoy flawless rides almost everywhere. The particular shape with mini Cruzer style is back again and enables you to roll over everywhere you feel to surf. Most of the other brands have tried to copy their techniques because of their popularity among the surfers. You can get the best feeling of a professional surfer by having perfect apparel to complete your look with your Santa Cruz.
  • A giant maple deck offers smooth and comfortable rides
  • Bearings in the wheels’ full fill all the demands of safety
  • Includes a lot of accessories in the packaging such as trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware and also grip tape
  • Provides 100 %guarantee with authentic composition
  • The shielded Bearings are sometimes harder to clean.

7) Phoeros skateboards – youth skateboards

Most of the children are keenly interested in skating at some of the pints in their life. At this point, they are looking for a new and best skateboard for beginners day by day. If your kid is also entry this phase of his or her life, then there would be no better option for your kid other than this. But before going to buy any skateboard for your child, the most important thing to note here is that which skateboard is going to hit the nature of your child. Most people get trapped by the cheap toy made skateboards, which are not the real ones. So this Phoeros skateboard is the perfect option to include in your loss for youth skateboards. It has been small in size, and it is going to bet the best skateboard you will ever buy for your kid. It is keenly manufactured while considering the little minds of your kids, including all of their interests, so it can please them in the right way. It is specifically designed to tackle all kinds of kid movements so you can allow them to surf without any concern.

Features You Must Know About

Many significant elements in it make it with purchasing to surprise your children. Its sturdy wheels will make you feel safe while you are riding. When talked about the deck, it is made with dull polish wooden material to provide more stability and strength to the users to hold into the grip more firmly, ensuring complete security. The deck is also available in several colorations to catch the attention of your child. Moreover, the bright green coloration will give your kid a perfect and a di I ant look with it in public. Being made with the wood and maple leaf, it provides the deck with even more stability. The wheels are specially designed to cut off damping when you’re riding in a rough street, thus adding more stability. When you want to end the ride, you can put your one foot on the ground. This youth skateboard will eventually decrease the speed and stops it after a while.

  • Perfect option with high-quality material for beginners and toddlers
  • Rides are made safer by embedding more bearings in the wheel
  • These Bearings also add to more smooth and comfortable glide and slide
  • Carry a bag with it in the packaging, containing one backup bearing, one sticker, and tool to adjust the wheels and Bearings
  • Rides are made more comfortable with durable aluminum trucks
  • The deck is seven-layered with maple thus giving you assurance about security and safety
  • The pro ting pattern is also made by heat transfer, therefore long-lasting and is not affected by regular washes
  • It is easy to operate and portable
  • The oy disadvantage is that because of the small-sized deck, and it is preferable to the toddlers rather than those who are growing up.

Final Thoughts

As it is said that, there is no limit to one’s life to enjoy and have fun. Best Skateboard for beginners is a favorite among every section of the age, but toddlers are crazier about it and this is the reason why most of the parents prefer to gift their children a skateboard. The whole guide discussed above will surely help you in choosing the best for your children. No matter the list above has the best items of the market, but the top 3 recommendations are given below.

  • Retrospec Zed Bamboo skateboard longboard – if you are looking for a stiff deck made of a maple leaf.
  • SkateXS beginner panda street kids skateboard – of you are wondering for some safe and smooth skateboards for your kids.
  • Eggboards mini longboard cruiser skateboard – if you are searching a small skateboard to fit in your backpack.

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