Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Who is not aware of the ever-increasing and exceptional boom of skateboarding throughout the world? And the best enjoying skateboarding is incomplete without owning the best skateboard.

While the world is full of skateboards which you can buy off online and from the local markets, there is nothing we can account for when it comes to what the potential skateboard-lovers like to see and experience out of their skateboard rides.

Rest assured, this extensive guide containing the top 10 best skateboards carrying the information-rich review of each skateboard we happened to list up for you out of hundreds available on the internet.

This guide contains the skateboards varying from the prices (of course!), power, and sturdy to ensure they do not back out in the performance EVER while giving you the BEST fun out of every ride.

So, get ready to hop onto the theme of this extensive guide, which is, of course, about bringing the outstanding best skateboard undeviating under your feet to roll with the confidence. 🙂

List of Top 10 Best Skateboards — Updated picks of 2020!


Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 27″
  • Load: 166 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 22.5″
  • Load:  220 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 22″
  • Load: 180 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 225″
  • Load: 176 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 32″
  • Load: 220 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 41″
  • Load: 275 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 22.5″
  • Load: 200 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 27.5″
  • Load: 275 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

  • Size(Long): 31.5″
  • Load: 200 lbs
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Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

      • Size(Long): 32.95″
      • Load: Depends
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1) Ripstik Caster Board – Ripstik mini

RipStik Ripster Caster BoardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

Riding the skateboard is not an easy job, and definitely, it is not when you are a beginner in this game.

But wait for a second! For the pure beginners to outgrow their skating level, there are certain types of skateboards available to learn the art of riding the skateboard. And this is the one that fits into the situation.

The smaller in size but best at work, this junior and the lightweight ripstik mini skateboard are exclusively designed for the little riders to support them learning this particular but exclusive sport, and the younger age is the prime time to swiftly get used to riding the board up and down the street.

All-steel and rubber padded torsion bar and the removable deck plate made with the high-tech polymer ensures you the acute safety to swing through the street and keeping all the weight to equally bear with giving the power to go through the bumps and shakes to play your favorite moves without getting worried for the breakage or anything.

While you are good to register, your favorite moves along with swiftly riding the skateboard and the sudden jerks are entirely possible to break the speed with a second, but that would not let you slip out of the deck as being wrapped with slip-resistant concave placed on the deck platform.

Pretty lightweight to around 4.5 lbs and that requires no assembly means the minute you take it out of the box, it is ready to hit the street!

Ride smooth and gain the performance you opted for before purchasing this super kid-friendly Ripstik Caster Board! 🙂

  • Lightweight design
  • Steel-made torsion bar
  • Comes with kicking nose and tail
  • No extension of the middle bar longing the design

2) Retrospec QuipRetrospec skateboard

Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's GuideTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide
To dominate the street with the power, we bring this Retrospec skateboard in front of you to truly make every right equally delightful to a greater extent.

This 22.5″ x 6″ inches long injection-molded skateboard is the perfectly styled 70’s retro street cruisers and made to ensure the lightweight scale using the highly-flexible plastic material to NOT even break while on the use.

And not only the plastic used to longing the operational life of this outstanding best skateboard, the plastic-build ensures it can survive the scratches and dents but still go on without degrading the performance, and yes that is the exact reason to use as well as to keep the weight to the extreme light with heightened the chances of excellent maneuverability.

Gliding smooth with the flexible polyurethane-casted wheels increases the durability and enhances the comfort to feel all balanced while skating.

It is weighing around the acceptable scale to 5 lbs with the bearings that are the core of the skateboard to gain the glide faster than ever, the carbon-backed bearings from ABEC-7 to nimble all-around nature.

Recommends supporting the weight limit of over 220 lbs and the wheels to the acceptable size of 60 x 45mm, ensuring the balanced and smooth ride all around the block with nothing stopping you in real! 🙂

High in the performance, but comparably lower in the price to enjoy exploring the city blocks without any worries.

  • 70’s styling classic retro street cruiser
  • Portable design
  • Pretty assembled and ready to ride
  • Keep it relatively lower than the specified weight capacity, or it will snap.

3) Merkapa Skateboard – Wheel lights

Merkapa SkateboardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

We love the color combination, seriously we do! Guaranteed to yield the best fun out of every single skate ride, the wheels lights are meant to work without the batteries and hence, require no charge at all as they are always illuminated as you ride.

Fits with all the skateboard enthusiasts let them be adults and the kids with the beginner skill level who are the fan of being and remaining fancy and adopting the style.

Safer and reliable, this skateboard goes into 22″ long and wide to over 6″ made the skate deck with the polypropylene material for the enhanced durability with bequeathing the trust to firmly and smoothly stand on the deck making the ride which would not hurt you even if you mistakenly trip off the board. Their wheel lights are attractive to everyone.

With the large size that is large enough to hold the bag in front to ride along with you, so this does not limit you to stroll for fun but can be taken along to the school/college, converting you the transportation expenses to the multiple folds. 🙂

They were loaded up with the high-grade and classic components starting from the wheels to the size of 60 x 45mm of 78A PU family and the skateboard truck to the generous size of over 3.2 inches made with the aluminum material because of the fact they are the ones to bear all the rider’s load while giving the utmost smoothness to go through the bumpy roads with increased shock absorption giving you the immense comfort on the way.

Enjoy your summer weekends to ride down the city on your favorite skateboard that you would love from your heart’s core!

  • Colorful LED lighting-up wheels
  • PP-made skateboard deck
  • CE certified
  • The LED lights on the wheels do not turn off EVER.

4) Cal 7 Mini Cruiser Skateboard – Penny board

Cal 7 Mini Cruiser SkateboardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

Something mini for so miniatures, we are proud to finally get a hold of this Penny board for the little kids so that they can ride on their dedicated skateboard of their own crafted for their little feet and the intention to learn the new skill in a fun way.

Embedded with the cool logo on the deck, this gives the edge to the kids to make the steady and smooth ride in the backyard and on the front of the home along with other kids to impress them and put them in an aww situation wanting to you to give them the turn to try for once. 🙂

Retaining the bearings made with the ABEC 7 scale takes you to enjoy the smooth rides with the precision and accuracy to take along this mini cruiser skateboard with the fastest speed surpassing the expectations because of the possible dilemma in which the riders generally have associated with the size of the skateboard.

Wider and larger aluminum alloy trucks ranging to the size of 3.125 inches with the 60mm standard wheel size is good enough of the combination to take the kids’ load with gaining the required and expected speed in no time.

Decks are made of plastic, but that is deliberately done on demand because you know how roughly it could be utilized by the mini folks even though how hard you get to try recommending it with care. So, the plastic-made deck drops the whole fear by its root!

And compact to the size of over 22.5 inches x 6 inches best fitting the kids to ride as well as into a carry-on or the backpack to take along with wherever the family moves.

Colored in red, this penny board includes the exceptional components to complete the design of this kid-friendly skateboard.

  • Compact size to take along anywhere to go
  • Kids-friendly skateboard
  • Hard wheels

5) Minority Maple Skateboard – Grip tape

Minority Maple Skateboard Top 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide
Fifth on the list of our exclusively best skateboard collection, we have this best skateboard with the Grip tape and simple deck design on the top but endorses with style beneath of it wanting the pro skaters to own it the minute it comes into the spotlight.

Colored in America’s flag, the way it is backed by the color scheme shows the patriotism and the skill level generally the Americans possess in the field of skateboarding, giving the fierce competition to the world’s top skaters.

It is made with 100 percent maple deck pressed by 7-ply Hardrock maple resulting in expanding the deck’s size to 32 inches in length and 8 inches in width, providing the maximum and supported weight capacity of over 220 lbs, which makes it the skateboard to consume by the pro skaters.

Medium and visible concave ensures to repeat the added maneuverability leaving the onlookers stunned with the moves you have learned over time.

Made the trucks to over five inches of size and being cast by the genuine aluminum alloy along with carbon steel kingpin with 78A of high-rebounding PU bushing to keep your weight balanced and allowing you to make your favorite moves without trapping into any danger.

Ensures the best speed with the performance scale of 102A PU of 52mm wheels taking you to gain the expected speed for playing the simple tricks with having the bearings forged through chrome steel and ABEC-9 extending the precision to work best on the way to ride.

Embedded with the attractive graphics giving the perfect trendy and edgy look to the riders making it a point to love this maple skateboard more than the components involved to put it up together.

  • Maple deck ensuring comfortability
  • Goes with rebound PU bushing of 78A
  • Do not take on the gravel roads.

6) Atom Drop Deck Longboard – Long skateboard

Atom Drop Deck LongboardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

Not only the skateboard but the acute Atom Drop Deck Longboard, which is relatively longer than the most skateboards found in the market. The design of the Long skateboard is really impressive.

Bigger and larger 41 inches of the length, this longboard is designed with the principles to provide the ultra-low riding experience to take the miles after miles down as you stroll through the streets.

No longer considered as the fun skateboard but labeled to be used exclusively riding this for the longer distance after getting down, using this longboard can take you from home to college and back home from college, increasing the chance of leaving your bike and other commuting components at home. At the same time, you would want to keep using this skateboard for every chore.

Fully laminated with the maple deck, this longboard ensures the long-lasting operational life to rely upon the quality and the performance to increase by the multiple folds along with the Kingpin trucks hitting the maximum axle size to over 245mm.

Loaded with ABEC 9-classed bearing ensuring the high-speed gaining with enough lubrication to reduce the chances of possible wear and tear that is made possible with the widened lip to over 70mm to 51mm giving you the excellent rebound power being placed with the urethane wheels to sustain the maximum speed for long.

This longboard Awarded with one year’s warranty, this excellent longboard guarantees you with the outstanding speed and the added smoothness you can count for with every ride.

Being longboard in length (and the saying), this Atom Drop thing gives you over 9.6 inches of leverage, which you make for the right turning with reducing the wheel’s bite to the lowest level.

  • Pretty low-riding longboard
  • Maple-laminated deck
  • One-year warrantied
  • Creates squeaking sounds

7) MEKETEC Skateboard – Skateboard for Beginners

Meketec SkateboardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

On the seventh spot, we have this shiny and glittering skateboard offering to give the youth one of the stylish skateboards available in the market. It’s best for a skateboard for beginners.

Same from the bottom to top, and one thing that is unique with this specific skateboard that it does not own the borning and default color of the material used to make the truck but with MEKETEC skateboard you would find the trucks being colored with the same like the deck and giving the unique touch which the youth often deem for to have their things be colorful and glittering to inspire the onlookers.

But, that is NOT just it where we would experience seeing the deteriorated performance given the fact it belongs to the youth, and they are happy with whatever they got. Equally important, the deck is long and wide enough to over 22.5 inches X 6 inches giving the apparent weight capacity of to bear a grown adult without running into the issues and big smooth wheels from 60mm and 45 PU for the guaranteed steady ride on the bumpy roads getting all the heat absorbed by the high-end ABEC-7 bearings!

All in your budget, this skateboard from MEKETEC is ready to beat down all the high-priced and competitive skateboards that you can find in the market, ensuring the never-experienced performance when it is down in the feet of youth. Just glide it and utilize the way they want.

Safer to ride by any level of the folks bearing beginner or experienced skills, the CE certification is good enough to rely upon this quality build of this sturdy skateboard never to get you in trouble. It is always ready to roam the streets.

  • All-colored the same from top to bottom (including the trucks)
  • Competitive skateboard with all notable brands
  • PP made deck
  • Mini skateboard
  • Does not let the wheel turn itself

8) Magneto Skateboard – Mini Cruiser

Magneto SkateboardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

Another in the line to give wheels NOT only to the kids but adults to the specific age bracket so that you are assured of the best performance out of this sleek Mini cruiser giving the power to the everyday skaters to perform their best stunts inspiring the youth to take action and jump on their skateboards.

This Magento skateboard’s design is something praiseworthy. With the right set of mind, that can take the skaters to the professional-level of skating to outperform the established and pro skaters as it allows them to do more stunts than anyone when diligently gliding through the skate park doing every single trick there.

For the daily skaters, it comes as no less than a blessing and the more significant and more extended deck is the first thing that you would notice just because it is extra longer than most enabling you to ride hastily increasing the chance of doing your best stunts given under more time due to the speed.

The length over 27.5 inches to the width of 7.5 inches and the wheelbase of around 18.5 inches is quite enough of the measurement to gain a lot of speed in a wink’s time.

This non-colored with the awesome embedded logo on the top with another attractive but straightforward graphics give a pleasant viewing experience for the onlookers and the skater, too. Still, the real thing is hidden beneath the deck.

And that is the full-fledged bold graphic that shows up while doing your best stunts and maneuverability assuring you have the full command over this long skateboard, which is meant to build only to increase your inner capabilities and instincts which do not limit this skateboard to do only the cruises.

Having the asymmetric font with the double back kick tails gets the skater to control the surf and maintain the directions during the stunts.

  • Portable and lightweight to take anywhere
  • Made of maple deck
  • Finished with sand grit
  • Very quiet skateboard
  • Troublesome bearings

9) Punisher Skateboards – Great skateboard

Punisher SkateboardsTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide
Yet again, we bring up another long skateboard or a Great skateboard ready to give the stunners the wheels, and the stunners we are talking about are the skaters that demand the long skateboards.

So, here we prove the fact we do care about the basic requirements of almost all of the daily and fun skaters to bring the best skateboard to get under their feet. And now, these skateboards fulfill the demand of the pro skaters who know just one word before entering into the skate park; Stunt!

When on it, the urge to repeat the stunt with every move would be higher than usual, so get yourself mentally prepared because that is what the folks at the park would be expecting from you.

Let’s sneak peek into how this simple but a long skateboard forces you to do the best stunts that you know by going into the complete details of the specifications, and starting with the sizes, of course, this double kickboard goes to 31.5 inches in length x 7.75 inches to width giving you enough clearance to roll up the great skateboard on every jumps.

Made with the high-quality of Canadian maple and wrapped the design under 7-ply ensure it can conveniently hold the weight and absorb the force at the time of landing from the high jumps without registering the signs of getting twisted, bent, and break because of the durability of the maple which one understands how flexible and powerful hardwood it is.

Embedded concave on the deck gives you complete control on the ride, helping you to glide and make the turns comfortably along with urging you to do the tricks.

It was loaded with PU ivory white wheels to 54mm x 36mm endorsed with the colorful Punisher graphic giving you the unique touch on the ride.

And when it comes to the performance, the reliance on the wheel bearing to afford to hit the high speed and the same bearings installed on the Punisher skateboards classed from ABEC-7 proves to perform best on the go. With having over 5 inches of alloy trucks and the base takes you to gain the speed with the added safety swiftly.

  • Mildly concave deck
  • Double kick design
  • Hard wheels

10) Powell Peralta Skateboard – Complete Skateboards

Powell Peralta SkateboardTop 10 Best Skateboard in 2020 - Complete Buyer's Guide

And here we land on our last collection of the best and complete skateboards, and we had kept introducing it in the previous just because of its different and unique design to give the skater the experience of riding on the deadly Andy Heron skull!

Unlike many, this skateboard is lighter and thinner, enhancing the best maneuverability to perform out of every trick while retaining the best control (but that requires prior practice because of the lightweight design.)

More comfortable to operate, this flight deck takes you to do ollie higher, flips, and more the tricks which are kind of impossible to work using 7-ply heavyweight skateboards you are addicted to riding along in the past.

Thin and linear, that is what Powell Peralta skateboard flight deck is recognized for, surpassing every single feature of the traditional 7-ply skateboards with a higher margin when it comes to the performance.

Snap and rebound, and robust design top this flight deck from Powell Peralta to bring in for you as long as you love skating to take it to another level!

  • Brilliant piece of the flight deck
  • Lightweight than the 7-ply skateboard decks
  • Carbon fiber-made deck
  • Standalone flight deck


Right here, we call off for our exclusive hunt of the top 10 best skateboard which we gathered after extensive research and analyzing the user-experiences to bring you ONLY the top collections.

Rest assured, they all are perfectly-well to take out on the roads exploring the blocks in a fun way.

But yes, there are certain limitations, and first is to take care of not cruising on the rough roads. They are NOT meant to design to bear the uneven and broken paths and works best on the concrete and asphalt to gain the full momentum of every single skateboard we gathered for you. If you want to read more about related products then go to the best skateboard for beginners.

So, get one for yourself and the lovely kids and enjoy the summer with a full blast! 🙂

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