Can you Take a Skateboard on a Plane? – Complete Guide 2021

Every skateboard lover will be worried about taking a skateboard while traveling. If you are here to know that can you take a skateboard on a plane, you are in the right place. We are going to help you with enough information and tips in this aspect.

can you take a skateboard on a plan

When you are a hobbyist and can’t go through your routine without your favorite items, you must consider them. If you travel by car very often with your skateboard, you face no problem. But traveling by air, you must look at the airlines’ rules and the country.  

No need to worry, you can take a skateboard with you on a plane almost in every country. You are allowed under all authorities without any check and balance.

Can you Take a Skateboard on a Plane? – Complete Guide

Among the countries, some allow you to take the skateboard in carrying on while some will enable you to carry in checked baggage. So, there are some rules for handling the skateboard. Now, we will move onto these rules and tips. Let’s start:

Rules for Taking Skateboard on a Plane:

As we have mentioned above, each Airline and each country has its own rules; we will discuss them one by one. These rules are about the most common airlines. You will need to consider the size of the skateboard and the plane. Also, you must look at the location where you are traveling.

can you take a skateboard on a plan

The U.S airlines mostly allow skateboards than European and other regions. It is because, in European countries, skateboards are considered as a “Blunt Instrument.” So, we are mentioning the airlines of the U.S in this post.

Taking Skateboard in Southwest Airlines:

The policy of Southwest Airlines provides coverage for taking skateboards in both a carry-on and checked baggage. Per rules, the maximum size of the skateboard should be 24 inches. Overall, your skateboard must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin.

Taking Skateboard in Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines enables you to substitute your skateboard for a carry on or checked baggage. This Airline allows a skateboard with a maximum size of 62 inches in checked baggage. However, in a carry-on, you can only take a skateboard of 22 inches in length.

Taking Skateboard in United Airlines:

United Airlines, like Delta Airlines, provides coverage in extensive lengths. This Airline allows a skateboard of a maximum size of 45 inches in a carry-on. Moreover, in checked baggage, you can take a skateboard of 62 inches. Also, a large duffle bag that fits into the overhead bin can be used for carrying.

Taking Skateboard in Alaska Airlines:

Alaska Airlines allows carrying skateboards only in checked baggage. According to their policy, you will have to pay a total of $30 as a standard fee. If you want to take in a carry-on, the size must be equals to that of the overhead bin.

inside aeroplane

Moreover, the crew can send your skateboard downstairs. It would help if you wrapped it properly so that it keeps it safe from scratches and damage.  

Tips for Taking Skateboard on a Plane:

Now, moving towards the tips on how can you take a skateboard on a plane? For this purpose, you don’t need to think like carrying a beast in a bag. The skateboard still requires special care before and during the journey. So, here we go with the two primary methods:

1. Disassemble your Board into Parts:

The ultimate method to take a skateboard on a plane is to disassemble your board into separate parts. By doing so, the skateboard can easily be placed in the overhead bin. However, the deck can be placed either under the seat or in the bin. It is the easiest method, and almost everyone tries it.

2. Take a Mini Board:

As the Airline rules are made for travelers’ security, so fulfill the hobby of skateboarding with a mini skateboard. With the lightweight and small skateboard, you can get skillful without harming the rules of airlines. You can place mini boards even on your laps and place them under the seat and in the bin.

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about the matter that can you take a skateboard on a problem till now. For having your hobby to be fulfilled in your trip, you need to follow the rules and these tips. Every skateboarding enthusiast is wholly allowed to take a skateboard on a plane.

can you take a skateboard on a plan

To avoid any inconvenience, keep the rules for the skateboard size and touring location in mind. Most skateboards are manufactured according to these rules. You must go with several options, i.e., a skateboard of the allowable extent or have a mini-board.

We would recommend Minority Maple Skateboard, whose size (32 inches) is an average one. It can handle wear-and-tear and is perfect for any skill level. It also enables you for responsive turning and easy jumps and landings. You can take this skateboard on a plane without any restrictions.

If you want a mini skateboard to take on a plane, Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard is ideal. It has the perfect size of 27.5 inches allowed in all airlines under defined rules. Despite the small size, it is featured with high-quality parts at an affordable price.

So, we are summing up our discussion now. After reading the rules and tips, you can manage to take your skateboard on a plane. To be safe from any issues, go with our recommended skateboards. Best of Luck 🙂

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