How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost? Surprising Facts

When it comes to getting a skateboard, sports enthusiasts’ most commonly asked question is how much does a good skateboard cost and how to make the best choice. Typically, you may think that it depends on the quality of the brand. But, let’s discuss it from a different angle. 

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost

It entirely depends on your level of skating and choice of speed. For avid skaters, the range can exceed from 200$ while newbies can quickly get a good board in 100$. It would be best to determine your priorities that either you want it for practicing tricks or rolling it fast around the streets or ramp.

Choose Your Type Of Skateboard

Before coming to the board’s cost, decide that either you want a mini-cruiser or a longboard. The main difference between both of them is the deck. A longboard has more concave ends with high length and width, while a mini-cruiser is short in dimensions.

types of skateboard

The choice depends on your level of skill. The longboards, meant for avid skaters, will charge around 200$ or more due to custom building. On the contrary, a mini-cruiser suitable for beginners will need a few bucks less.  

The choice of mini-cruiser for novice skaters is better because of the amount of flexibility it provides while performing tricks.

How Much Does A Good Skateboard Cost? Building A Custom One

Building a custom skateboard is always the best choice, both in terms of price and experience. You can choose the deck, truck, and wheels size according to your experience level and demand. If you’re a good researcher, the skateboard price will be around 150-170$ for building a complete pro-level skateboard. Below is the full detail of the cost of pieces of equipment you’ll require.

Cost Of Deck

A good quality maple or plywood deck will cost you around 40-50$. The price will fluctuate, depending on size and quality. Also, a mini-cruiser board will need a short deck while a large one for a longboard. Be sure that it has a grip tape over it for properly balancing during fast rides.

Skateboard Deck

Cost Of Bearings

The bearings usually require a few bucks but should be bought wisely. For a beginner, ABEC-7 is the best choice because it provides room for practicing while moving fast. For expert skaters, ABEC-9+ bearings are preferred for smooth and rapid rides on-ramps and skates. The price of both ranges around 10-15$.

Skateboard Bearings

Cost Of Wheels

Wheels usually cost around 30-50$ depending on their diameter and durometer. For novice skaters, 55-58mm diameter with an 80B durometer will be best. And for pro skaters, 60mm diameter and 101A+ durometer wheels will serve the purpose. However, they’ll be a bit pricey but will serve the purpose of best grip and fast speed.

Skateboard Wheels

Cost of Trucks

The most stable trucks will cost you around 50$. Their choice will be dependent on the size of the wheel and decks. Make sure to choose the one with good brushings for a stable ride. If used properly, they may last several years.

Some other required accessories will be grip tape, hardware, and risers that will cost you a few bucks. Make sure to assemble them all correctly for a smooth ride.

Skateboard Trucks

Best Affordable Choice For Newbies

If you’re a newbie and ready to start practice on streets and ramps, a cruiser will be the best choice for you. A high-quality pre-built unit will cost you around 120-140$. You can easily choose one by keeping in mind the factors mentioned above. Then you’ll be ready to roll high in streets and ramps.

You can also look at our review of Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard to make your choosing process easy.


How much should I spend on my first skateboard?

For the first skateboard, you don’t spend much on the extra accessories. You can quickly get a top-notch mini-cruiser skateboard for 100$ or more from any local store or online. But be sure to check the deck’s quality, trucks, bearings, and wheels for enhancing your experience.

Is it cheaper to build a skateboard or buy a complete one?

Buying a wholly built skateboard is a cheaper choice but not ideal and best. You will need to check the quality of each part before buying thoroughly. If you’re an expert skater, we’d recommend avoiding it because best functionality according to your needs.

What is a reasonable price for a skateboard?

If you want a pro-level skateboard that lasts for a year, you’ll need to spend around 180-200$ because of the efficiency it provides. The trucks will be fast, and the deck will be long enough to skate rapidly. In contrast, a mini-cruiser skateboard will require around 100-120$ and will be appropriate for beginners.

Bringing It All Together

Hence, the answer to how much does a good skateboard cost depends on your experience, demand, and skill level. Generally, a custom-built skateboard will cost you around 150-170$, according to the accessories you choose. Also, you can get a pre-built unit but make sure to analyze all the parts correctly. 

How Much Does Good Skateboard

You may be impressed with the styles and lights of some cheap online boards. But remember that in skate-boarding, durability matters a lot. So, spend a bit more and make a long-lasting custom skateboard according to your needs to enhance your experience.

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