How to Hold a Skateboard Like a Pro – Complete Methods in 2020

Being a skater, you might have experienced the ways how to do skateboarding correctly. Still, most of the skaters don’t know how to hold a skateboard in the right way. It is an essential thing in skateboarding to learn from the beginning. 

Today, in this article, we are going to share some tips on how to hold a skateboard. In the journey, you will learn different skateboard tips to ride. Also, at certain stages, you will have to walk along with your skateboard. So, professionally holding the skateboard is very important.

how to hold a skateboard.

If you are a beginner and just started skateboarding and want to learn how to carry a skateboard, you are in the right place. We will discuss some most common methods that even the expert skaters used to take their skateboards. 

There are several different ways to hold a skateboard, but we will focus on a few known ones. After reading this whole article, you will learn how to hold a skateboard while walking.

Methods for How to Hold a Skateboard:

The main two methods for holding your skateboard comfortably are:

  1. Carry it in your hands
  2. Carry it using a shoulder strap

These two methods are straightforward, and almost everyone uses them. Now, let’s talk about both of them one by one.

1. Carrying your Skateboard in Hands:

how to hold a skateboard in hands

The most common method for carrying a skateboard is to hold it in your hands and walk. It goes nice if:

  • You are carrying it for a short time or through a short distance.
  • Your skateboard is not big and is light in weight.
  • Your hands are free and carrying only the board.

So, if the size of your skateboard deck is almost below 35 inches, it can easily be held in a single hand and can walk around with it. However, if the size of your skateboard deck is more than 40 inches, you will have to carry it in your arms. 

2. Carrying a Skateboard with Shoulder Strap:

To not getting bothered by the size of your skateboard, you can use a shoulder strap. It helps you free your hands while carrying your skateboard. This method is much more comfortable than taking a skateboard in hands as it minimizes the efforts. 

how to hold a skateboard on shoulder

Moreover, if you used to walk for long distances, say to the mall or store, it is the perfect option. Your shoulders might get red if you did not take shoulder straps for carrying your skateboard. It also ensures the protection of your skateboard to keep it safe from breaking.

To carry your skateboard on your back or shoulders, you can go with a simple shoelace. Although it is not much comfortable and with enough adjustability, you can get one ready-made available.  

Other Methods on How to Hold a Skateboard:

1. Classic Method:

how to hold a skateboard (classic method)

The age of the classic method is as old as skateboarding. In this method, you have to hold the skateboard in the mid with grip tape outwards. However, being a traditional method, you can’t go with it as an expert level skater. You will not look like a professional skater with this method. 

Even if you use this method, you will have to take care of your shirt, coat, or jacket. With this method, you will look very dumb, like knowing nothing about skateboarding

2. Cycling Shoelace Method:

how to hold a skateboard (cycling method)

The cycling shoelace is comparatively a modern method to follow. Those who love to ride around on their bikes at different spots need to tie the shoelace to both the upper and lower trucks. After that, like a bag, carry this combination on the shoulder. 

3. Intermission Method:

how to hold a skateboard (intermission method)

During skateboarding, if you have to wait for someone on the way, you can make your skateboard a seat. Intermission is mentioned in our skateboard carrying method as it is part of your riding. If you are wondering how to hold a skateboard like a pro, this method is not for you.

4. Stocks Method:


how to hold a skateboard (stocks method)

You may get tired if you carry your skateboard handling in the arms. Having the skateboard for a long time in the arms can result in muscle impairment as well. The stocks method is thus a comfortable way to avoid this issue. In this method, you carry the skateboard on your back.  

5. Walking Stick Method:

how to hold a skateboard (walking stick method)

The most exciting method to carry your skateboard is the walking stick method. It can be done quickly by facing the grip tape inwards. Don’t worry about the clothes, shirt, or jeans, and avoid changing the ideas of carrying your skateboard. 

6. Mall Grab Method:

how to hold a skateboard (mall grab method)

Carrying the planks of skateboarders by the track is entirely a lousy method. Proper reactions to these deals are including Grabbing the breach skateboard and fragmenting a belled, exactly a comical Mall Grab.

7. Indian Water Vessel Method:

how to hold a skateboard (indian water vessel method)

Sometimes, when you are going from one place to another, you required the use of your hands. In such circumstances, you need to consider the Indian Water Vessel Method. In this method, you will have to maintain your skateboard’s equilibrium on your head’s top. 

8. Backpack Strap Method:

how to hold a skateboard (backpack strap method)

In case you are super cool enough and have your backpack, you can easily hang your skateboard from any of the straps to make your hands free. The Backpack Strap Method is a Pretty Nice method. 

However, the skateboard at times moves to and fro and can hit your knee on either side. So the best method to hand is to the upper side and much close. 

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about how to hold a skateboard until now. The methods we have mentioned are the most common and experimented ones. Almost every skateboarder, whether beginner or expert, use these methods while carrying a skateboard. 

For having the best experience of skateboarding all around, you must try each method. However, you can apply one or many according to the circumstances. For instance, you can hold the skateboard in your arms at the park, or if waiting outside the store, you can make it a seat. 

We hope that these methods on how to hold your skateboard correctly will help you enjoy a lot during the journey of your skateboarding. These methods are just a few; if you know some other methods, share in the comment box. Best of Luck!

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