How to Ride a Skateboard – Complete Step by Step Beginners Guide 2021

Are you looking for the best way to how to ride a Skateboard? If yes, we are going to help you in this aspect with some beneficial tips. So, stay tuned to us, and we will help you get what you want.

Skateboarding has got fame for a few decades for the youngsters and skating enthusiasts who take skating as their passion. However, skating is also a dangerous trend to experience. But it is difficult in the beginning and once learned properly how to skateboard; you will enjoy it a lot.

how to ride a skateboard

Even nowadays, skateboarding is among the most famous and known street sports. Also, there is no rocket science on how to skateboard from basic to the pro level.

5 Tips on How to Ride a Skateboard

In the beginning, you will have to select clear facts and paths like a free road. Now, let’s go through the tips on how to ride a skateboard without any further delay.

1. Select a Suitable Board

Before purchasing your skateboard; you need to ask some questions about your choice. Your choice at the local skateboard shops may be confusing because the store has multiple brand’s boards in a different style.

In the market, you will come across many skateboards categorized based on their design, style, and speeds. The tip here for a beginner is to buy the skateboard at a slower speed. You don’t need to buy a high-speed skateboard for doing tricks and becoming a pro.

how to ride a skateboard

Keep in mind the skateboarding is a sport, and you need to enjoy it first before making any significant investments. So, you don’t need to buy these expensive skateboards with stylish designs and high speeds.

It takes time to learn things as a beginner, and you will surely get a few hurts and crashes. The result will be somewhat destroying a fancy board on the first day.

If you only want to learn how to ride a skateboard, you need to buy one according to your experience level. It makes no sense that you buy a Mercedes for your first ride for the sake of learning.

To start the journey from the origin, you must buy a board with a flat surface and not curved ones to maintain your balance. A giant surface skateboard helps you ride without holding other things or the support of someone.

However, if you are the one who is learning how to skateboard for transportation, going to school or college, an electric skateboard could be a perfect choice.

2. Wear Protective Gear When Skateboarding

Most of the skateboard professionals, who also take part in competitions, wear helmets, knee pads, and elbow protection. These measures are much required to be done for the safety of sensitive organs. However, several professional skateboarders do not use any gear for protection, as you may have seen in videos.

In this case, a question will arise if you need a helmet or any gear to ride a skateboard. The answer to this question is straightforward. If you are a beginner, there are more chances of falling whether you do skating fast or slow.

how to ride a skateboard

In some countries like California and New York, there are specific laws under which children have to wear skateboard gear. Even if your country doesn’t have these laws, wearing protective gear is a necessity for your safety.

Sometimes, if you forgot wearing protective gear, make sure to learn how to ride a skateboard without protective gear. It will help you in becoming a professional skateboarder early.

3. Wear a Pair of Good Skate Shoes

For every sport, you need to choose the right shoes, and skateboarding is one of these sports. The black flip-flop shoes or combat boots are not an excellent choice for skateboarding, as you may get hurt easily. So, to ride a skateboard, you should get a pair of skate shoes, uniquely designed.

how to ride a skateboard

The most recommended shoes for skateboard are Adidas, Vans, Etnies, Nike SB, or Lakai. All these shoes ensure support as well as protection for your feet and body balance. These shoes will encourage you while learning how to ride a skateboard.

Those who can’t afford the shoes designed especially for skateboarding ensure that you buy shoes with a flat bottom and secure grip. So, whatever shoes you buy, make sure they protect you from falling off the board.

4. Learn How to Fall On a Skateboard

Felt it weird? Wait, don’t judge too early. Have you not learned how to skateboard and not to fall? Whether, yes and no, the purpose is to maintain yourself straight on the board as there will be falls in situations.

In this case, you can go for a trick to manage to fall in a secure way to reduce the chances of injury. A natural urge supports you for impact while falling.

A natural phenomenon occurs when we are going to fall, we try to take our arms out. So, we strive to prevent ourselves from ground injury. But, doing such an act can create more severe problems and cause severe damage during high speeds.

how to ride a skateboard

Moreover, there are higher chances of getting a sprain or breaking the wrist when taking arms out of the body. In this state, the hands are about to bear the total impact after falling despite saving the remaining body.

The tips for reducing chances and significant injuries are relaxing your body during fall and landing on a softer surface with fleshier body parts. So, you will need to learn these tips as part of how to ride a skateboard.

5. Select Safe Area for Skating

You cannot skate everywhere because it is dangerous both for you and people in the area around you. So, you need to look for a safer space to learn how to ride a skateboard in the beginning. The best places are lawn available in Skate Park or any lawn place close to your home with fewer people crowd.

In some countries, there are specially designed places where you can learn how to skateboard. These places are made flat, and the soft lawn ensures safety during skateboarding. If your country doesn’t have such places, then try to look for an alternative location.

Moreover, as the grassy surface of the lawn is soft, so it also keeps your board safe from crashing or breaking apart. A professional skateboarder doesn’t need many precautions, but the actual problem is for the newbies. A flat area also lessens the chances of falling and crashing, so always select flat locations.

how to ride a skateboard

For proper learning of how to skateboard, you need to avoid wet or watery surfaces so that your shoes and board remain dry. Also, avoid those areas where autumn leaves are fallen and stay away from icy surfaces.

In some countries, special laws for skateboarding are made, which must be followed. The laws also include instructions about spaces where you can skate and where you are not allowed to skate. The prohibited areas have specific signs that this place is not for learning how to ride a skateboard.

The best way to select a safe skating area is to ask other skaters about different places and then make your selection. You can also search in your area with the help of social media platforms. Your selection must be according to the above guidelines.

Final words:

Well! That’s all about how to ride a skateboard till now. We hope that these tips for learning to ride your skateboard will prove beneficial for you. The only thing you need to remember is to keep practicing daily on these tips to become a pro skater soon.
The key to success in every work is practice, and almost every skateboarding professional will tell you to do the practice. The more you practice, the easier and comfortable it will become, and you will feel joy while skateboarding.

At last, do follow each of the tips mentioned above and take help from someone in the beginning. Every skateboarder in the world falls, but you will not leave your passion at that stage. Follow the way how to fall safely from the skateboard so that you don’t get hurt.
Similarly, when you face hurdles in your journey, focus on the solution of how to skateboard this step. Every problem has a solution, and you can solve it by yourself. We would suggest you watch tutorials as well to get ready for the act. Best of Luck 🙂

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