How to Roller Skate – Complete Guide for Beginners 2020

Are you looking for the ways how to roller skate in your home town but don’t know to skate? No worries, we are here to help you in this aspect.

Everyone has a great passion for different sports such as cricket, hockey, volleyball, etc. Skating is one of these sports and the more trending one. But this sport needs some special techniques to learn correctly, whenever you learn how to roller skate, you will enjoy skating all around.

Before you go out for skating, make sure to wear protective clothing. Most importantly, you will need some materials, including a helmet, protective gear like wrist guards, elbow pads, kneepads, and skating socks.

Tips on How to Roller Skate

In this article, we will guide you with some tips on how to roller skate. These tips are essential and need to be considered before skating for the first time. Let’s start:

1. Wear Comfortable Gear

No matter whatever sport you are learning, being comfortable is essential. When you wear your protective gear, make sure that the size fits your body parts, neither much tight nor much lose.

Keep in mind that you will fall during practice, and to keep yourself safe from hearting, you need comfortable and high-quality materials.

2. Select an Open and Smooth Area

In the initial days of your practice, find an area that is open and smooth. The advantage here is that you will get extra space for actions, and even if you fall, you will not get hurt too much. You can place small obstacles in your way to bring them in practice.

3. Stand on Skate and Find Balance

Put on your skate and stand with slightly bent knees. Stand while your shoulders straight up your ankles, and with back on straight. For finding your balance, take small steps forward while you keep your chin upwards. Make sure that you look ahead and stay relaxed while standing and skating.

4. Move faster and Glide

For moving faster, you can develop scissor kick effectively for efficient movements. Don’t pick the skate from the ground, bend your knees along with pushing the feet apart. Bring the feet again to the original position smoothly with the help of toes.

For gliding in the forward direction, bring your body weight on one leg and then on the other alternatively. Keep pushing one leg out and the other straight with slightly picking the skate up from the ground. Change your feet one after the other to move continuously.

5. Turn Around

To turn, point your head and shoulders in the direction you want to go. Steer with your shoulders toward the turn while steering your hips in the opposite direction. Feel the bend in your ankles that is turning the roller skate.

6. Join a Team to Participate in League:

Skating on your own is great fun, but joining a team makes you ready for a sporting challenge. A popular sport, known as Roller Derby, has leagues in different cities of every country in which you can participate.

If you live in a country where there is no skating league, consider skating with your friends and arranging your league.

Apart from Roller Derby, Roller Hockey is another oriented style popular league of roller skating. You will need a pair of inline skates to take part in this sport.

Final Words:

Finally, these are the five most essential tips on how to roller skate. During practice as a beginner, you can also take help from someone who knows about skating. You will get a company as well as support to keep you safe from falling. Best of Luck 🙂

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