How to Stop on Roller Skate – Best 6 Methods in 2020

If you are learning how to roller skate, it is essential for you to learn how to stop on roller skate, it also helps you how to get your balance, changing speed, and practising turns, but if you don’t know how to stop, it will affect your safety.

how to stop on roller skate

Roller skating is an activity that many people enjoy. It is very challenging in the beginning. You will have chances of fall as it happens to every beginner. You have to do a lot of practice and hard work to get better in how to roller skate.

Best 6 Methods for How to Stop on Roller Skate:

There are many methods of how to stop on roller skate. In this article, we will show you the most straightforward ways which are preferred by the professionals. So take your safety measures and give them a try.

Method #1

Method 1 is about stopping with your knee pads. You already have your knee pads when you are skating, as it usually recommended to wear safety gear. To stop using this method, all you need is to slowly lower your knees to the ground and leave it to drag.

how to stop on roller skate

This method takes very little skill to perform; that’s why it is perfect for beginners.

Method #2

It is about the use of heel or toe brakes. Usually, inline skates have a heel brake, and quad skates have a toe brake, which used for stopping. You have to bring the skate with the heel brake forward if you are using a heel break. Raise your front foot toes and apply pressure on the curb.

how to stop on roller skate

If you are going to stop with toe brakes, raise your back leg heel and apply pressure on the curb. Always remember you must skate backwards if you want to use toe brakes; otherwise, it can cause severe damage to your feet and ankles.

Method #3

In this method, you have to fix one foot and let the other foot to trace a broad circle around your body. It will change your motion from forward to circular and helps you slow down and then stops. If you know how to roller skate in a circle, then it will easy for you.

how to stop on roller skate

Method #4

In this technique, you have to spread your legs wider than your shoulder. You usually skate with your feet about your shoulder width. But in this stopping technique, you have to increase the width a bit more to stop yourself.

how to stop on roller skate

Remember not to spread your legs too much that it causes painful strain to your legs. Just spread your legs a little wider than you do in regular skating. It’s essential for how to stop on roller skate. 

Method #5

In this method, you need to slowly angle your feet in a way that your toes direct toward the centre. The friction created by directing your toes inward that let the wheels roll at a lower angle. This friction causes you to stop quickly.

how to stop on roller skate

While pointing your feet inward, keep in mind that you don’t have to do it sharply as it will make you fall.

Method #6

In this technique, you will have to bend your knees. It helps you keep your balance while stopping. Bend your knees according to your body, e.g., a heightened person needs to bend his knees more to keep the right balance. By turning your knees, you get a lower centre of gravity, which also helps you to stop.  

how to stop on roller skate

Final Words:

Before you start skating, you must know about how to roller skate. It takes time and needs the practice to be right in skating. If you learn the basics of skating, it will be easier to learn how to stop on roller skate without injuring yourself and the surrounding people.

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