Minority Maple Skateboard – Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2021

Minority Maple Skateboard is the best skateboard in 2021 for beginners to use for practice comfortably. This complete skateboard allows the rider to have a smooth riding experience. With this skateboard, you can ride everywhere with style and passion.

Minority Maple Skateboard

Although it is a beginner skateboard, even experts can do jumping tricks on it. Almost every skater can ride on the Minority Skateboard comfortably to go for long trips. No matter your skill level, you can perform or learn impressive tricks with this fantastic skateboard.

Minority Maple Skateboard – Best Skateboard for Beginners in 2021


Design and Construction:

The Minority Maple Skateboard is available in a variety of designs, and each looks elegant and attractive. Its grip tape is built in such a way that it ensures the safety of the rider. The make-up of the deck, trucks, and bearings are all set to effortless performance.

Design of Minority Maple Skateboard

In terms of construction, the skateboard has a length of 32 inches and 8 inches of width. It is very durable because of its 7-ply maple wood. This construction enables the skateboard to carry 220 pounds of weight.

Quality of Maple Wood Used:

Almost all skateboards are manufactured from Maple Wood and especially their decks. This wood is perfect to fit any climate and perform for a long time. It is even durable to bear small stones in the way and water drops.

minority maple skateboard quality

Every individual loves maple wood because it gives long-lasting service. That’s why the minority maple has used this wood in their 32 inches long skateboard.

Long Comfortable Deck:

As we have mentioned in the construction, this skateboard has an extended deck of 32 inches. It is made up of maple wood that can bear all of your weight with a limit of 220 pounds. The deck never bends as it is shock-absorbing due to the superfluous cold press support of maple wood.

Design of Minority Maple Skateboard Deck

This Minority Skateboard is comfortable because of its deck. It can easily be controlled while performing breathtaking stunts. It has medially expanded and concave shaped that is helping you to become a pro or expert skater.

Wheels and Bearings:

The wheels of Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard are 102A polyurethane wheels with a diameter of 52mm. It lets you enjoy a faster ride with just a single push. They are not only elastic but also durable and tough, like metal wheels.

minority maple skateboard wheel

Moreover, it is equipped with ABEC-9 precision bearings made from chrome steel. This material also makes sure that you will enjoy a speedy and smooth riding experience.

Quality Trucks:

The trucks offered by Minority Skateboard are appreciable that contain 5-inches genuine aluminum alloy. Each truck has a rust-resistant chromium steel axle and kingpin. These high-quality trucks do not break even a rider of a little bit more weight than 220 pounds ride over them.

minority maple skateboard truck

For utilizing significantly less energy and getting more output, the minority skateboard will replace every other brand. You can turn around the corners very fast without disturbing your heartbeat. It enables you to perform every trick with no fear of slipping away from your feet.

Rebound Bushing:

One more reason for the smooth and secure ride that the minority maple skateboard offers is rebound bushing. It comes with 78A high rebound polyurethane (PU) bushing. Like the other skateboards, this skateboard also provides a seamless ride, whether riding in streets or parks.

minority maple skateboard bushing

The bushing increases the wheels’ responsiveness so that you quickly turn them and at the right time. It also has a role in the skater’s safety, and hence, no other skateboard can offer such a feature.

Specifications of Minority Maple Skateboard at a Glance:

Product Weight About 5 pounds
Size (Deck Length) 32 inches
Maple Wood 7-layered
Wheels 102A PU with 52mm diameter
Bushing   78A PU
Max Load  220 pounds
  • Excellent shape, design, and good looking
  • Perfect skateboard with quality materials
  • Very stable and greater loading capacity
  • Need less number of pushes to speed up
  • Too grippy wheels, need to clean after every use

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about the Minority Maple Skateboard till now. This 32 inches maple skateboard is the most popular of its class. Every beginner, professional, and people of any gender and age use this skateboard. People are impressed with its design and entire build quality.

From lengthy deck and high-quality trucks to rebound bushing and wheels, the skateboard has all the perfections. You can never spot any error in the construction and material used.

If you are a beginner and need a skateboard for practice, yet quality and affordable one, Minority 32inch Maple Skateboard is the best option. No other skateboard brand will come up with such features at this reasonable price.

With this skateboard, you can practice every move and can become a pro-level skater. The material used ensures a smooth and flawless ride. We would highly recommend this skateboard for every beginner skater. Best of Luck

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