Best Skateboard Parts to Know – Selection Guide 2021

Among the various life activities, skateboarding is also an activity to help you maintain your health. It is a very sober sport and needs balance and coordination, perfect timing, and a fantastic skateboard. As a skater, you get several options looking at different skateboards and their parts.

From outside, you see the skateboard deck and its wheels. But also, the skateboard has some essential parts to maintain your run. It is not challenging to select skateboard parts and matching components.

best skateboard parts

Whether you want to do street skateboarding or in a local park with effectiveness, you will need the best skateboard parts. As a beginner, you can get some cheap skateboard parts available online and in the local market. But you will need to make a wise selection of each component in the process.

Once you choose the right parts, it will help in learning and progressing your skateboarding smoothly. After getting much experienced, you will learn enough skateboarding with the parts you have chosen. It would help if you kept in mind the different factors affecting the skateboard’s overall performance.

Best Skateboard Parts to Know – Selection Guide 2021

If you want to choose the skateboard parts, we are helping you with this skateboard parts guide. We will ensure that you don’t make any beginner mistakes that other beginners do while selecting parts. With this guide, you can narrow down all your choices, not regarding the best Skateboarding parts. Let’s start:

Different Parts of a Skateboard:

The best skateboard parts that can enhance the enthusiasm of your skateboarding sport are given below:

1. Skateboard Deck:

 The actual board area or surface used for riding is termed as a skateboard deck. Usually, for durability and strength, the deck is made from about seven piles of laminated maple wood. No grades are given to decks, it is all about your personal preference, so you need to try different sizes and shapes.

Skateboard Deck (different parts of a skateboard)

In selecting the deck, the most crucial factors to look for are its shape and width. The typical widths range from 8 to 9 inches or a little more. Most of the decks are available in “Popsicle shaped and Fun shaped.” In terms of width, the wide deck used to be stable, while narrow dicks offer tricky actions.

2. Skateboard Wheelbase:

The distance between the mounted trucks is the Wheelbase. Based on the length of the deck, it has different sizes. A skateboard with a more massive deck will possess a large wheelbase and vice versa. A person with longer legs would require a wider skateboard wheelbase.

Skateboard Wheelbase

In selecting the Wheelbase, it allows you to know correctly about the turning radius of the deck. So, a wheelbase with a shorter radius will turn faster, and a longer one will turn longer.

3. Skateboard Trucks:

The skateboard parts which have attached the wheels to the deck are called trucks. They used for turning and pivoting along the axle. The truck contains a queered out of steel, a hanger, an axle, a baseplate, bushings, and a kingpin in terms of composition. It also has nuts and washers.

Skateboard Trucks (best skateboard parts)

The pivoting on the trucks is easily adjustable to a particular range. If you want to feel stiffer while turning, you can tighten the nuts on the kingpin to compress the bushings. Trucks with loose nuts allow you to turn more efficiently, while trucks with tight nuts enable multiple pops.

To change the way the trucks pivot depends on changing the hardness of the bushings. As the trucks are available in different sizes of widths, so make sure the actual size matches that of your deck.   

Width or Size of Axle:

The size of the truck is considered by the width of the axle in inches. The perfect axle width is measured from one edge to the other of the deck. Most trucks are manufactured to fit on the boards having widths ranging from 7.5 to 9 inches or more.

Heights of Truck:

From the height perspective, each truck has its own height, which is perfect for different styles and actions on the skateboard. The general heights include low, mid, and high classes of the truck.

Low Height:

The truck with low height is perfect for flip tricks. It also provides additional stability and, at reduced consequences of wheel bite, performs well with smaller wheels. It has a lowered center of gravity, so it is ideal for beginners. In different parts of the skateboard, its selection is the most comfortable one.

Mid Height:

The truck with mid-height is best if you do skateboarding in the streets or at the park. It is highly versatile and is the most commonly used truck in the skateboard parts.

High Height:

The truck with high height is focused mainly on those skateboarders who are not interested in flip tricks. However, it is the perfect option for those who love cruising and carving.

4. Skateboard Bushings:

The rubber pads on a truck between the kingpin and the hanger are Bushings. One truck consists of two bushings pointing towards each edge of the board.

Skateboard Bushings (cheap skateboard parts)

Bushings with the rigid design are stiffer and do not turn quickly. However, they build up more energy offering a springier coming towards the center or more resistance to pumping. More flexible bushings consume energy and impact, causing turning more comfortable.

5. Skateboard Hardware:

The hardware part is used for attaching the assembly of the truck to the deck. It is available in sets of bolts and nuts, eight in number each. The most common sizes for use with no risers are 7/8 inches. However, for use with 1/8 inches risers, the most common length is 1 inch.

Skateboard Hardware

The sizes of hardware mentioned above are ample to assemble the majority of the skateboard. Using the riser pads, whose height is more than 1/8 inches, then hardware sets of longer lengths may work.

6. Skateboard Rail Savers:

Rail Savers have a lot of advantages apart from offering your skateboard deck some featured style.

The Savers are ideal for protecting your deck from extra impacts and slides.

Skateboard Rail Savers

They provide you with a much stable sliding space, flatter than the standard curve of a deck.

They offer you a little grip for tweaks and methods and tricks.

7. Skateboard Grip Tape:

The sticky sandpaper-like material which is applied on the deck of the skateboard is Grip Tape. As the name indicates, it is required to make sure that the skater’s control and grip are perfect on the board.

Skateboard Grip Tape

The majority of the manufacturers have designed standard sized and their personal preference based Grip Tapes. So, you will need to choose the one that works well for you.  

8. Skateboard Wheels:

Among the different parts of a skateboard, another most critical skateboard part is the wheels. They come in different sizes, i.e., diameters, and have extra durability. Their sizes also have a relation with the height of the skateboard based on the diameters.

Skateboard Wheels

The skateboard wheels can influence your riding, so make your selection wisely and choose the right diameter wheel printed on them. The most standard diameters range from 50mm to 54mm. This size is perfect for street skateboarding. But for cruising, you need 60mm or above diameter wheels.  

In terms of durability, skateboards which are softer are perfect for running on rough areas, roll on cracks and run on pebbles. However, for technical skateboarding, you will need wheels with high durability, i.e., hard ones.

9. Skateboard Bearings:

The exciting thing about bearings is that they are manufactured in the same sizes, so there are no skills required to choose. No matter which bearing you buy will fit the wheel.

Skateboard Bearings

However, the quality of the material used in the construction of bearings has a more significant influence. It would be best if you looked for the speed rating as well on it.  

10. Skateboard Risers and Shock Pads:

Last but not least, Skateboard Riser Pads help in protecting the skateboard from wheel biting. The Riser Pads are required for those skateboards’ normal functioning that has wheels diameters less than 55mm. They also add extra benefits, including reduced stress on the deck, as it distributes pressure effectively.

Skateboard Risers and Shock Pads

Moreover, Shock Pads are a bit slim compared to the Riser Pads. During skating, it reduces vibrations or absorbs shock. Optionally, they can also be used without Riser Pads.

Final Words:

Well! That’s all about the best skateboard parts until now. We have mentioned the ten most essential skateboard parts and their uses and features. The primary selection of the parts depends on your usage and budget and personal preference.

skateboard parts guide

Don’t think much over the selection; try to get all the parts of the best quality. Make sure that all the parts are matching to that of the real skateboard. After getting the right skateboard, you will enjoy skateboarding all-around the streets, parks, or the city.

Apart from the skateboard mentioned above parts, think about some protective gear. At the beginning of your journey, you will fall during the performance of various actions. Hence, full protective gear, including knee pads, ankle pads, and a helmet, must be used.

In this guide, we have tried to cover all the factors a beginner needs to know. We hope that this selection guide of skateboard parts will help you put in a direction you are looking for. Go for the best collection of skateboarding parts to enjoy riding. Best of Luck!

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