What size hardware for skateboard do you need? Skateboard Suggest

Choosing appropriately sized hardware is essential for proper stability during boarding and performing tricks. Being the unit of attachment between trucks and decks, they’re of prime importance. 

What size hardware for skateboard do you need

While brainstorming on what size hardware for skateboard I need, get to know that it’s not too large or small. Follow our skateboard hardware guide to clear your ambiguities before installing your parts together.

What size hardware for skateboard do you need? | Medium-Sized Hardware

It would be best if you had medium-sized hardware so that nuts fit in easily without any hassle. Long hardware may start touching the trucking making it impossible to screw the nut. Also, there is the probability of hurting feet for long bolts if a sudden jump while skating.

What size hardware for skateboard do you need

It is difficult for small hardware to fasten them with nut properly, and there is a chance of fall off. Also, the fall-off may result in the detachment of trucks while skating. So, it should be of appropriate size, slightly moving out of the board.

Hardware Size Needs According To The deck Dimensions.

The need for hardware depends on your size of deck that either it’s a 7-ply deck, 8-ply, or a thick longboard. 

Smaller the deck size, the smaller the hardware you’ll use. 

What size hardware for skateboard do you need

If you have a standard 7-ply deck with no risers, 7/8″ hardware is the smallest hardware you can use. If you want to have risers on your deck, you’ll have to get more extended hardware to accommodate the extra width.

 A 7-ply deck with 1/8″ risers will need at least 1″ hardware, 1/4″ risers will need at least 1 and 1/8″ hardware, 3/8″ risers will need at least 1 and 1/4″ hardware, and 1/2″ risers will need at least 1 and 3/8″ hardware.

7-ply deck7/8" hardwareNo Risers
7-ply deck1" hardware1/8 riser
7-ply deck1 and 1/8" hardware1/4" risers
7-ply deck1 and 1/4" hardware3/8" risers
7-ply deck1 and 3/8" hardware1/2" risers

But most hardware companies don’t make 1 and 3/8″, so you’ll have to go up to 1 and 1/2 inches. So, it’s fine if your hardware is a little but stick, but the extra part should be a maximum of 1/4 inch.

You’ll never really need 2-inch hardware unless you’re using giant 1 inch + risers. If you have got a thicker deck like an 8 or 9-ply longboard or if you have trucks with an extra thick base plate, like some longboard trucks, you’ll need an additional 1/8 to a 1/4 inch to accommodate for that extra width.

Style Of The Hardware

The two main styles of hardware include pan head hardware and Allen’s hardware. The main difference between them is regarding the use of the wrench. Among them, Allen’s head is hardware is most feasible because you can’t feel them while skating and rolling. 

What size hardware for skateboard do you need

Pan Head hardware is most feasible for longboards. Try not to use them on shortboards because they might hurt your feet during an impactful jump on the ground. 

Some Tips Regarding Skateboard Hardware

  • Choose the appropriate size according to your deck’s size for achieving the best results while performing tricks.
  • Skateboard nut size also matters, so tighten the nuts properly from both sides as the loose trucks may affect your stability.
  • Don’t over-tighten them as it may lead to cracks or breaks in the board.
  • Check the quality of metal-alloy and make sure that the hardware is tough to provide long-term results. 

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What is the hardware on a skateboard?

The hardware in the skateboard refers to the mounting accessories used to connect the deck with the trucks. Each side of the board requires 4 screws and bolts. You can also work with 2 hardware screws and nuts, but there will be a falling chance.

What is the best skate hardware?

The best skateboard hardware is the one that is made up of high-quality metal alloy to last longer. Also, their size is always medium, following the requirement of risers and the depth of deck.

Does skateboard hardware size matter?

Yes, the size of skateboard hardware matters a lot. Small size hardware that cannot fit in the nylon lock may fall off anytime. In comparison, large-size hardware may not allow nuts to pass and fix appropriately. Hence it is necessary to use the appropriate size of hardware. 

What size hardware do I need for a 7.75 skateboard?

The hardware size requirement depends on the layers and depth of the deck. It does not depend on the length. So, you can use standard size1 and 1/2 inch hardware with your choice of risers.

Bringing It All Together

While summing up what size hardware for skateboard is most suitable, it is concluded that a 7/8″ hardware is the smallest you can use for a deck with no risers. But in general, 1-inch hardware is a safe bet for most setups. 

If you’re getting risers or have an extra thick board or trucks, go up 1/8 or 1/4 inch to accommodate for it. Also, consider the quality and effectiveness of material and style of hardware for rolling fast on the ramp or streets. If you got any questions at all, leave them in the comment box down below.

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