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Does water ruin your skateboard grip tape?

Hey, fellow skaters, it’s Matt, your go-to guy for all things skateboard-related.

Today, let’s dive into a topic that’s been buzzing in the skating community – the age-old question: Does water ruin your skateboard grip tape?

As someone who practically lives on my board, this question has haunted my sessions more than once.

So, let’s break it down and get to the bottom of this slippery situation.

Does water ruin your skateboard grip tape

The Battle Between Grip and Water

Skating through puddles, getting caught in the rain, or attempting tricks near bodies of water – it’s all part of the skating experience.

But what does this mean for your grip tape?

Water and grip are like sworn enemies in the skateboard world.

The grip tape, that rough, sandpaper-like surface on your deck, keeps you glued to your board during those gnarly flips and turns.

When water comes into play, it seems like a recipe for disaster, right?

The Dilemma of Wet Griptape

Skating on wet grip tape is like trying to dance on ice – it’s slippery, unpredictable, and downright dangerous.

Water can seep into the grip tape, reducing effectiveness and making your board feel coated in oil.

However, it’s not just about the ride.

The durability of your grip tape could also be at stake.

Water can weaken the adhesive, causing the grip to peel or bubble.

Imagine trying to land a kickflip with a bubbling grip tape – not a pretty sight!

Types of Griptape and Water Tolerance

Before we jump to conclusions, it’s essential to consider the type of grip tape you’re rocking.

Not all grip tapes are created equal, and some are more water-resistant than others.

Standard Griptape: A Love-Hate Relationship

Most skateboarders are familiar with the classic, standard grip tape.

While it provides excellent grip in dry conditions, it can be less forgiving when wet.

The porous nature of standard grip tape means it can absorb water like a sponge, leading to that dreaded loss of traction.

Water-Resistant Griptape: The Game Changer?

Enter water-resistant grip tape – the hero we never knew we needed.

Designed to repel water, this type of grip tape aims to maintain its grip even in damp conditions.

Brands like Jessup and Mob have introduced water-resistant variants, promising a better skating experience regardless of the weather.

Tips to Protect Your Griptape

Now that we understand the dynamics of water and grip tape, let’s explore some practical tips to ensure your grip stays on point, rain or shine.

1. Shelter in Style

When the rain clouds start to gather, seek shelter.

Covering under a bridge or any dry spot keeps you dry and preserves your grip tape.

Remember, a dry deck is a happy deck.

2. Griptape Covers: Your Skateboard’s Raincoat

Think of grip tape covers as raincoats for your skateboard. These nifty accessories slip over your wheels, protecting your grip tape from the elements. They’re easy to carry and use and can save you from a world of slippery trouble.

The Verdict: Can Water Ruin Your Skateboard Griptape?

Ultimately, it all boils down to managing the delicate dance between water and grip.

While water can threaten your skateboard grip tape, being aware of the risks and taking preventive measures can make all the difference.

Skate Smart, Skate Dry

As a devoted skateboard enthusiast, my advice is simple – skate smart.

Be mindful of the weather, invest in water-resistant grip tape if you can, and always have a backup plan for those unexpected rain showers.

Your grip tape will thank you, and you’ll enjoy a smoother, safer ride.

AspectEffect on Griptape
Standard GriptapeProne to water absorption, leading to reduced grip and potential damage.
Water-Resistant GriptapeDesigned to repel water, offering better traction in damp conditions.
Griptape CoversAct as a protective layer, shielding griptape from water and preserving its effectiveness.

In Conclusion

Whether water ruins your skateboard grip tape has been a lingering concern in the skateboarding world.

This guide unveiled the dynamics, discussed the impact on standard and water-resistant grip tapes, and explored protective measures like grip tape covers.

As you lace up your sneakers and hit the streets, remember that a bit of water doesn’t have to dampen your skating spirit.

Be mindful of your grip tape, choose wisely, and adapt to the conditions.

Whether you’re cruising under the sun or conquering a rain-soaked park, armed with this knowledge, you can roll on confidently.

So, fellow skaters, keep the stoke alive, embrace the unpredictable, and let your passion for the board soar.

Raindrops may fall, but so do the best tricks.

Now, go out there and shred on, knowing that your grip tape can handle whatever the skies throw your way. Stay gnarly! 🤘🛹


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