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How do you know if you’re a goofy or a regular skateboarder?

Greetings, fellow skateboard enthusiasts! It’s Matt, your skateboarding guru, and today, we’re embarking on a journey of self-discovery in the world of skating.

Picture this: you’ve got your deck beneath your feet, the wind in your hair, and the pavement stretching out ahead.

As you push into the skateboarding cosmos, one question echoes in every skater’s mind: “Am I a goofy or a regular skateboarder?”

Fear not, my friends, for in this guide, we’ll unravel the mysteries of your skateboarding identity.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a curious newcomer, understanding your stance is like unlocking the secret code to your unique style on the board.

So, tighten those trucks, grab your favorite deck, and dive into the exhilarating world of figuring out if you roll with the goofy crew or the regular squad.

Ready to discover your skating alter ego?

Let’s shred!

goofy or a regular skateboarder

Unraveling the Basics

Finding Your Stance: Goofy or Regular?

So, you’ve just stepped onto your board, and the eternal question arises: goofy or regular?

Your stance is fundamental and sets the tone for your entire skating journey.

The goofy stance involves placing your right foot forward, while regular entails the left foot taking the lead.

There’s no right or wrong; it’s all about what feels most natural for you.

Discovering your stance might take some trial and error.

Start by standing on your board and asking a friend to push you from behind gently.

Whichever foot naturally steps forward to catch your balance is likely your leading foot.

Embrace it!

Perfecting Pushing Techniques: The Foundation of Style

Whether goofy or regular, pushing is the heartbeat of skateboarding.

Goofy skaters use their left foot to push, while regular skaters employ their right.

The way you push not only affects your speed but also contributes to your overall style.

Experiment with different pushing techniques, find your rhythm, and let your unique style emerge.

Goofy vs. Regular Styles: Navigating the Skateboarding Landscape

Goofy Grinds and Regular Rides: Exploring Tricks

Your chosen stance influences the tricks you gravitate towards.

Goofy riders often excel at grinds and slides, utilizing their back foot for stability during these maneuvers.

On the other hand, regular skaters might find their comfort zone in spins and flips, leveraging their front foot for precise control.

The key is experimenting with various tricks and discovering what feels most exhilarating.

Carving: The Artistic Expression of Skating

Carving is the poetry of skateboarding, and your stance plays a pivotal role in how you carve through the concrete waves.

Goofy skaters carve with a more laid-back, flowy style, using their dominant foot for sweeping turns.

Regular riders, however, may exhibit a tighter and more aggressive carving technique.

Embrace the artistry of carving and let your personality shine through every turn.

Embracing the Skatepark Culture

Bowl Riding: Where Stance Meets Elevation

Skateparks are the playgrounds for skaters, and your stance significantly impacts your experience within the bowls.

Goofy skaters often find a natural flow in deep bowls, using their back foot for stability during high-speed descents.

Regular riders might thrive in shallower bowls, utilizing their front foot to navigate tight transitions.

Dive into the bowl scene, experiment with your stance, and feel the adrenaline rush as you conquer new heights.

Street Skating: Navigating Urban Terrain

For the street skater in you, the city becomes your canvas.

Goofy skaters may excel at grinds and slides on curbs and rails, leveraging their back foot for stability.

Regular riders might find precise foot placement advantageous for flips and technical maneuvers.

Explore the urban jungle, adapt your style to different terrains, and let the streets be your playground.

The Style Evolution: Progressing as a Skater

Transitioning Between Stances: Versatility is Key

While you may have a dominant stance, embracing versatility is the hallmark of a seasoned skater.

Transitioning between goofy and regular stances can add flair to your style and unlock new possibilities.

Experiment with riding switches, learn tricks with your non-dominant foot forward, and witness your skating prowess evolve.

Building Your Signature Moves: Leave Your Mark

As you progress, certain tricks and maneuvers feel more natural.

These become the foundation for your signature moves.

Whether it’s a unique flip or an unconventional grind, embrace the quirks that make your skating style uniquely yours.

Skating isn’t just about mastering tricks; it’s about expressing yourself on four wheels.

AspectGoofy SkaterRegular Skater
StanceRight foot forwardLeft foot forward
Trick PreferencesGrinds, slidesSpins, flips
Carving StyleFlowy, laid-backTight, aggressive
Bowl RidingDeep bowls, stability with back footShallow bowls, precision with front foot
Street SkatingGrinds slides on curbs and railsFlips, technical maneuvers
VersatilityExperiment with riding switchAdapt to different terrains
Signature MovesEmbrace quirks for unique styleBuild foundation for signature moves


Are right-handed people goofy?

For those who are right-handed, there’s a strong correlation with having a dominant right foot.

Typically, this implies a regular stance, with the left foot forward.

However, the skateboarding world is diverse; not everyone adheres to this pattern.

Surprisingly, some right-handed individuals with a dominant right foot find their comfort and style in riding goofy, opting to lead with their right foot forward.

It’s a delightful reminder that in skateboarding, individuality reigns supreme, and the connection between handedness and stance isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

Should I learn to ride goofy or regular?

Whether to ride goofy or regular on a skateboard or any other board is a personal decision with no inherent right or wrong.

While the majority tends to find regular stances more comfortable, where the dominant foot is positioned at the back for enhanced board control, there’s a beautiful array of preferences in the skating world.

The advice for beginners on this thrilling journey is simple: go with the most natural and comfortable stance. It’s all about finding your rhythm and enjoying the ride.

In Conclusion

Whether you ride goofy or regular, the most crucial aspect is authenticity in the vast landscape of skateboarding.

Your style reflects your personality, and the joy of skating lies in the journey of self-discovery.

So, embrace your stance, experiment with tricks, conquer new terrains, and, most importantly, enjoy every moment on your board.

Remember: Goofy or regular, we’re all united by the love of the ride.

Now go out there, shred with style, and let the concrete waves be your canvas!


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