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How fast can a skateboard go?

How fast can a skateboard go? That’s a question you might ask yourself if you’re new to the sport.

And it’s a legitimate question – if you’re skating around on a board, you want to know how fast it can go in case you need a quick getaway.

Luckily, we’ve got the answer for you in this guide – so sit back and prepare to find out how fast a skateboard can go!

The average skateboard can reach speeds between 5 and 12 mph

On any terrain and skill level, a skateboard can easily reach speeds between 5 and 12 mph.

For the experienced rider, 8 mph or more is achievable – no problem.

But if you’re looking to boost your speed even more, longboards may be the way to go:

Their average flat ground speed of 8-10 mph makes them a top pick for those who want to make a speedy getaway!

How fast can a skateboard go

The speed of a skateboard is determined by the skill of the rider and the terrain they are skating on

Skateboards generally reach speeds between 5 and 12 mph, but the actual speed of your board will depend on how skilled you are as a rider and what type of terrain you’re skating on.

If you’re riding along flat ground with no obstacles or hills, you should be able to reach higher speeds than riding in an area with many hills or bumps.

Practice makes perfect, and the more time you spend on your skateboard, the better your skills will become – meaning you’ll be able to go faster and farther efficiently!

By following these tips, you should have no problem reaching speeds up to 12 mph (or even higher if you’re a skilled rider).

Pete Connolly holds the record for the fastest skateboard speed

The skateboarder from the UK reached 91.17 miles per hour, 146.73 Kilometres, in 2017 and held the world record for the fastest skateboard speed.

This impressive feat was achieved on Les Éboulements in Quebec, Canada, and he is still the only skater to reach such an extreme speed.

Peter has always believed in the adage, “Go big or go home.” But lately, his motto has changed to something much more fitting: “Skate Faster.”

Little surprise then that his efforts have led him to break a few records over the years!

Most professional skateboarders can reach speeds between 10 and 12 miles per hour

Professional skateboarders have been known to reach speeds of 10-12 miles per hour, although this is much higher than the average skater.

Professional skateboarders are also more likely to jump obstacles and ride in terrain with hills or bumps, which can increase their speed even more.

Longboards are a great option for recreational skaters looking to boost their speed but stay safe: they provide an extra edge of stability and the ability to reach higher speeds than a regular skateboard.

So if you want to take your skateboarding skills up a notch and increase your speed, give longboarding a try!

Skateboards can go even faster downhill, but it’s not recommended to try this without proper safety gear

Going downhill on a skateboard can increase your speed significantly, and it’s not uncommon for skaters to reach up to 30 miles per hour.

However, this is only recommended for experienced riders with the proper safety gear – so if you’re starting or don’t have any protective gear, it’s best to stick with the speeds you can reach on flat ground.

Going downhill is both stimulating and exhilarating, but it can also be dangerous if you’re unprepared – so always stay safe when riding your skateboard!

Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions you may ask about skateboard speed:

What is the fastest speed on a skateboard?

The fastest speed ever recorded on a skateboard is 91.17 miles per hour, 146.73 Kilometres, by UK skateboarder Pete Connolly in 2017.

What is the average speed of a skateboard?

The average speed of a skateboard on flat ground is between 5 and 12 mph, depending on the rider’s skill and terrain.

How fast can a skateboard go km?

Skateboards can reach up to 91.17 km/hr (146.73 kph) on downhill terrain, but trying this without proper safety gear is not recommended.

Can you go faster on a longboard?

Longboards are generally faster than regular skateboards due to their stability and extra length, reaching 8-10 mph speeds.

Is it safe to go downhill on a skateboard?

Going downhill on a skateboard can be dangerous if you’re unprepared, so it’s best to wear protective gear and only try this if you have experience.

Safety should always come first – no matter how fast you want to go!

How fast can a skateboard go downhill?

Downhill skateboarding is a thrilling sport; achieving the fastest speed possible while maintaining total control of your board is the ultimate goal.

And some daredevil skaters have pushed their boards to the limit, hitting speeds of over 85 miles per hour – now that’s what we call shredding!

Is a skateboard faster than running?

No, running is usually faster than skateboarding – with average speeds of 5-12 mph, most skateboards can’t keep up with an experienced runner’s pace.

But who says you have to choose one or the other? With some practice and skill, a daring skater might be able to match the speed of a good runner!

Can a skateboard go as fast as a bike?

Regarding downhill speed, skateboarders have beat bicyclists – in some cases by more than two miles per hour.

When you take into account the convenience of carrying a skateboard around with you anywhere you go (not to mention being able to do all sorts of tricks!), it’s no wonder that skateboarding is one of the fastest-growing extreme sports out there.

How fast do skaters skate?

Speed skaters take it to the next level – with short-track speed skaters clocking in at speeds of over 30 mph and long-track speed skaters reaching a whopping 35 mph (and sometimes even more!).

It takes considerable skill to maneuver around turns quickly while flying across the ice – now that’s some serious speedy skating!

What is the highest speed on a longboard?

With speeds up to 80 mph and beyond, longboarding takes you to a whole new level of fast.

Whether cruising around town or flying down hills, longboards offer an exhilarating experience to pump your heart.

In conclusion

Skateboard speed varies depending on the type of terrain and skill level, but experienced riders can reach impressive speeds.

But on average, a regular skateboard can reach up to 12 mph on flat ground, while downhill riders have been known to hit 85+ mph.

Safety should always be your priority when skateboarding, so wear protective gear before trying extreme speeds.

In the comment section below, let me know your highest speed on a skateboard!

And don’t forget to check my other posts for more info on skateboard speed.

Now go take your boards out and have some fun!


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