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How heavy is a skateboard?

Has anyone ever wondered how much a skateboard weighs and how heavy a skateboard is?

After all, they’re an integral part of skateboarding and come in all shapes and sizes.

So in this guide, we’ll answer the question, and we’ll also explain why the weight of a skateboard varies so much.

So how heavy is a skateboard?

Skateboards vary in weight, with the average completing weighing between 2-5 kg (2.205-11.0231 lb).

This range is typically determined by the make and model of the board as well as its length and thickness. The standard skateboard will usually land between these two measurements, making them light enough to ride around but reliable enough for all sorts of maneuvers.

How heavy is a skateboard

How much do skateboards weigh?

The average board weighs in at 2-5 pounds (2.205-11.0231 lb) without trucks, bearings, wheels, and grip tape – adding these components increases the weight to a range of 7-10 pounds.

The make and model and its length and thickness can determine the difference in weight – but generally speaking, your average skateboard will fall within this range.

How heavy is an 8-inch skateboard?

Not only does it measure 8.0 inches wide and 31.75 inches long, giving you all the room your feet need, but it’s lightweight too at just 4.5 pounds – perfect for those tricky maneuvers and easy to transport when you’re done.

How much does a skateboard weigh in kg?

Start rolling in style with a complete skateboard – deck, screws, trucks, and all!

On average, it’ll weigh between 3-4.5 kg, with the deck usually being 1-2 kg. Don’t forget the extra 1.5 kg of grip tape, wheels, bearings, bolts, and nuts – an essential addition to any board.

How much should skateboard trucks weigh?

Skateboarding is serious business – and that means you need heavy trucks! Independent Trucks pack a punch with high-quality materials ensuring they’re durable enough for any ride.

On average, it’ll take 4 pounds of your board’s weight – although some models might be slightly less or more.

Is a skateboard just as fast as a bike?

Believe it or not, yes, most of the time, a skateboard can be just as fast as a bike!

Of course, it does depend on the rider’s skill level and terrain – but for flat surfaces and downhill slopes, a skateboard will usually travel faster thanks to its low center of gravity.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about changing gears or getting tired from pedaling.

Each ride is just as exciting and can be even more exhilarating, depending on the environment!

Just make sure you wear the proper safety gear when you’re out there.

Is an 8.0 skateboard big?

Skateboarders come in all shapes and sizes – so finding the perfect board is key! 7.5-8.0 inches is usually a good width for most riders, but play around to find the one that fits you best.

If you’re petite, go narrower – if you’re tall and husky, go wider!

7.5 – 8.0 inches is the sweet spot for skaters who want an all-around board.

But if you’re looking for something more customized, sizing up or down from there might be the best fit – taller and heavier skaters should opt for a wider board, while smaller riders can rock a narrower one!

Is a 9-inch skateboard too big?

Look no further if you want the perfect board for your perfectly-sized feet. For men’s sizes 6.5 – 9, a 7.5 – 8.0 inch deck will do the trick.

But if your shoes are over 9.5? You’ll want a wider board between 8.0 and 8.5 inches!

It’s that easy – skate your size!

In conclusion

Skateboards vary in weight due to their make and model, shape, length, and thickness.

A standard skateboard usually weighs between 2-5 kg (2.205-11.0231 lb), but adding components like trucks, bearings, wheels, and grip tape can increase the weight to 7-10 pounds. When searching for the perfect board, always check that the size – 8.0 inches are usually a good width for most riders, with taller and heavier skaters opting for something wider.

No matter your height or size, a board is just waiting to take you on your next ride!

Finally, always remember to wear proper safety gear when skateboarding – just like a bike, it can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any other questions about skateboards! I’m here to help.

And don’t miss my other blog posts for more skateboard tips, tricks, and advice! Have fun, and be safe out there.

Cheers! 🎉🛹☀️️🤙


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