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How to bring a skateboard on a plane?

If you’re planning on bringing your skateboard with you on a plane, there are a few things you need to know.

Here’s a quick guide on how to make sure your skateboard is compliant with airline regulations.

How to take a skateboard on an airplane?

Here are my tips that will help you fly with a quiet mind:

Check with the airline to see if they have any restrictions on skateboards

Before loading up for a flight, finding out if your skateboard is compatible with airline regulations is essential.

Skateboards may be the epitome of rolling transportation, but some airlines might not appreciate having them on board.

Therefore, it’s always best to double-check with the airline first and ensure they don’t have any limitations or restrictions on their use before you attempt to hit the gas on your skateboard at 35,000 feet.

Usually, every airplane has a page on its website with all the information about what you can bring and take on board, the size, the weight, and other restrictions.

Make sure to read it carefully and check whether the skateboard is allowed.

No one wants a confrontation with air traffic controllers because of a misplaced ollie attempt!

How to bring a skateboard on a plane

Choose a backpack or a carry-on that’s big enough to fit your skateboard but not too big or bulky

Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or the perfect summer road trip, you need a bag that helps you take everything with you – ideally, your skateboard too!

Choose one of the many bags specially designed to meet this challenge.

The right bag should be big enough not to pinch your board while ensuring maximum portability and minimal bulkiness. Besides, you don’t want to slow down when gliding down the asphalt on your board!

With these bags, you’ll look stylish on and off the street while leaving plenty of room in your loaded-down luggage.

Unlock your full adventure potential with a backpack or a carry-on specifically designed for carrying all those essentials – including your skateboard!

Pack your skateboard in a hard-shell suitcase

If you have a hard-shell suitcase that’s big enough, you can put your skateboard inside it and check it as standard luggage.

This might be costly since most airlines charge for checked luggage, but it’s a more secure option when bringing your skateboard.

Make sure to protect the board with bubble wrap and clothing. Also, label it as fragile so that the baggage handlers take extra care of it while loading and unloading the plane.

Prepare the skateboard for travel

Once you know that your airline has no restrictions, it’s time to prepare the board for take-off!

This means ensuring all of its components are correctly secured and fit into a backpack or skate bag.

Ensure all screws and bolts are tightened, and the trucks are not loose.

Also, ensure no sharp objects are sticking out of the board that could cause injury or a security breach.

Removing any removable parts from the board, such as wheels and bearings, is also a good idea so you won’t get in trouble with security!

Follow these steps, and you’ll be ready to roll your way through the airport!

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of some questions you may ask about how to carry, get and take your skateboard with you on the airplane:

Can I fly with a skateboard?

Most airlines will allow you to bring a skateboard if it meets their size and weight restrictions.

However, it’s wise to check with the airline beforehand.

Can you take a skateboard as hand luggage?

Yes. Bring a skateboard as hand luggage if it meets your airline’s size and weight restrictions.

Pack it in a backpack or carry-on big enough for its components.

How to check a skateboard on a plane?

You must ensure it fits in the overhead bin or under your seat and stow it correctly with the wheels up.

Don’t forget to secure it, so it doesn’t roll around while you’re in the air – then you’re good to go!

But before you do it, as I told you before – always make sure with the airline first, or you may have some trouble with the security because some see skateboards as a carry-on item or even a checked bag.

Can you check a skateboard on an airplane?

Most airlines will let you bring it in your carry-on bag but check with them for size or weight restrictions.

Do airlines allow skateboards on board?

It depends on each airline’s policy and restrictions.

Some airlines might not accept them, while others might be more lenient and consider them checked bags.

Check their website before packing your skateboard in your carry-on luggage

How much does it cost to check a skateboard?

It depends on each airline’s policy and restrictions.

Generally, checking a skateboard as regular luggage will be cheaper than bringing it in your carry-on.

However, if the size or weight of your skateboard exceeds the checked baggage limits, you might have to pay extra fees.

Delta, for example, takes a standard checked bag fee of $30.

So, check the limits and fees before packing your board!

Always check with your airline before booking your ticket to avoid unpleasant surprises at the airport!

Can I check my longboard on a plane?

Great news – most airlines are cool with that. For example, Southwest won’t even charge you for bringing it along!

Double-check with the airline about size and weight restrictions; if you have a smaller board like a Derringer, you can store it in the overhead bin for quick access.

Can you check a longboard as luggage?

Most airlines will count it as part of your check-in allowance without extra cost.

You might need to shell out a few extra bucks on some budget airlines to ensure your board gets there safely and sound.

But either way, it’s worth the peace of mind of knowing that your longboard is securely stowed away!

Are longboards allowed on flights?

Most airlines will allow it as part of your check-in allowance at no extra cost.

Just remember that budget airlines may require an additional charge for checking in on your longboard.

Can I take a skateboard abroad?

Taking the trucks and wheels off and packing them into your checked bag is a great way to save space.

And most airlines allow you to take just the board in the cabin.

But don’t take my word for it: always check with the airline first.

What size skateboard can I bring on a plane?

Most airlines allow skateboards as carry-on luggage – ensure it’s within the standard size restrictions (no larger than 45 linear inches).

And if you’d instead check it, that’s OK too – standard baggage policies will apply.

So don’t worry about leaving your board behind; it can accompany you for the ride!

Can I ride a skateboard in an airport?

It depends on the airport.

I don’t think there’s a rule about this, but you should check with the airport staff before hitting the concourse.

You can skate if it’s not disturbing others and not causing any accidents, then you shouldn’t have a problem. But just to be safe, check first!

The security staff can provide more details about what’s allowed and not.

And it goes without saying: always be extra careful and respect other passengers!

Which airlines allow you to bring skateboards?

Most airlines accommodate skateboards in your carry-on if the size is within their restrictions – double-check with the airline before packing it up.

In conclusion

It’s always best to check your airline’s website before packing your skateboard and heading to the airport.

That way, you’ll know their policy and restrictions when bringing a skateboard onboard or checking it in.

Plus, you can save yourself the embarrassment of leaving your board behind at the gate!

And if you want to know for sure – I made your life easier:

Just visit my informative post about which airlines let you bring skateboards and what their restrictions are.

It’ll save you time and hassle in the long run!

For more posts like this, please check my blog.

Leave me a comment below and tell me which airline you flew with your skateboard and how your experience was.

I’d love to read all about it!

Until then – Have a nice trip, and happy skating! 🛹 🤙


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