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How to hold and carry a skateboard?

You finally got that skateboard you asked Santa for, and now you want to know how to carry it without looking like a total klutz.

Or maybe you’ve been skating for years and want to change your style.

Either way, we’re here to help.

Check out our guide on how to hold and carry a skateboard like a pro.

How to hold your skateboard like a pro

Keep your board in top condition and avoid ruining those threads – hold it horizontally with one arm, centered between the trucks, and fingers curved around the bottom edge. Plus, Facing the wheels and trucks toward you is a great way to protect your clothes!

How to hold and carry a skateboard

How do skaters carry their skateboards?

Ready to hold your board the right way? Place it under your arm in the middle of the deck, with the trucks facing outward.

But don’t worry if you prefer to “mall grab” – quite a few skaters do it these days, and there are plenty of pros to prove that it’s not an indicator of being a poser!

How do you carry a skateboard in a backpack?

Carrying a skateboard in a backpack doesn’t have to be a challenge!

To start, you should buy a backpack that is big enough and designed to fit a skateboard if possible.

Then, ensure your bag straps are distributed evenly across your shoulders and that your bag isn’t too tight or loose.

If you’re using a standard-sized bag, it should fit easily when standing on its end.

You may also want to line the bottom of the bag with some extra padding on each side of the board to prevent it from shifting while walking.

If you’re worried about scratching up your board or other items in your bag, consider carrying it outside your pack

You can walk on your skateboard connected to your backpack by putting it outside the pack using the straps – you just put your skateboard outside the backpack but still connected to it.

When done correctly, it looks cool and also keeps your hands free.

Why do skaters wear backpacks?

Ready to ditch the fuss of traveling with your skateboard? A skateboard backpack is perfect for you!

Unlike regular backpacks, it has straps designed to secure your board.

Goodbye bulky and awkward carrying methods – hello convenience and comfort.

It’s never been easier to take your board on the go!

How to properly use a skateboard backpack?

If you’re looking for a convenient way to carry your skateboard, a backpack is perfect!

Here’s how to properly use one:

1. First, ensure your bag straps are evenly distributed and not too tight or loose.

2. Consider adding extra padding on each side of the board before putting it in the bag to prevent it from shifting while walking.

3. If possible, keep the bag upright when you place the board inside so it won’t take up too much space.

4. Finally, if you’re concerned about scratching other items in your backpack, consider carrying them outside your pack!

In conclusion

If you want to carry your skateboard like a pro, follow our tips on holding it and using a backpack.

Whether you prefer carrying it inside or outside your backpack or even mall grabbing is up to you – make sure you do it safely so you can easily enjoy cruising around town.

Let me know in the comments below how you carry and hold your skateboard: Do you prefer a backpack? Mall grabbing? Something else? I’d love to hear about it!

And don’t miss my other guides on skateboarding essentials and tricks.

Happy skating, everyone! 🛹 💨


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