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How to kickflip on a skateboard?

Don’t know how to do a kickflip on a skateboard? You’re not alone.

Many people have trouble with this move, but learning with some practice is possible.

In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on Kickflip like a pro in no time!

But wait a minute – what is a Kickflip?

Are you looking for a trick that looks cool but isn’t too hard to learn? Look no further than the Kickflip!

It’s basically like “an ollie on steroids,” so with some practice, you’ll be whizzing around in no time.

Skateboarding has come a long way since 1982, thanks to Rodney Mullen. He invented the “Ollie Flip” trick that we now call Kickflip – even though skaters called it the “Magic Flip.”

After seeing him do it, they were so amazed that they couldn’t figure out how he was flipping his board!

It’s an impressive move that never fails to draw attention – what more could you want from a skateboarding trick?

How to kickflip on a skateboard

What should I learn before a kickflip?

Before even attempting a kickflip, hone in on your skateboarding skills!

Make sure you know the parts of a skateboard, practice your balance, and learn basic tricks like the ollie, frontside 180, and backside 180.

With enough practice and dedication, you can master the Kickflip with flying colors.

To boost your confidence, become comfortable with more advanced tricks like pop-shuvit and frontside pop-shuvit – these will ensure you control the board well when landing your flip.

It all depends on personal preference – some people prefer to learn while rolling, while others may find it easier to start in a stationary position.

How to kickflip a skateboard – step by step

Here is a simple step-by-step process for how to kickflip a skateboard:

Good foot placement is crucial in perfecting the Kickflip!

Ensure your front foot is positioned behind the bolts, pointing slightly towards the front at a 45-degree angle.

Also, keep the ball of your back foot perched on the tail of your board – it helps to give you that extra push for flipping. And don’t forget to keep your shoulders in line with your board… no hunching allowed!

Mastering the ollie is essential for kickflips

Bend your front knee and put all your weight on the ball of your back foot, making sure to try and get as high an ollie as possible – this will give you more time to complete the flip.

It may sound simple, but perfection comes with practice and attention to detail.

So watch tutorials, slow down those videos, or read my guide about how to ollie, and get ready to take on some serious kickflipping!

To kickflip like a pro, you must be precise with your flick!

Slide your front foot towards the front heel-side of your board and kick your leg outwards and upwards with your baby toe.

This flick spins the board – up and off the nose, not down! Please don’t overdo it either: you don’t want to send your deck flying away from you.

And make sure you jump high enough, so both feet come off the ground. Just remember – practice makes perfect!

To land a perfect flip, you have to hit your marks

Keep an eye on the board as it rotates in the air and time it right – catch the board with both feet once it’s fully rotated. Land with your feet over the bolts at the front and back of your deck.

Also, keep your shoulders level and facing forward – this will help you maintain your balance as you hit the ground.

With practice comes progress, so get ready to spin like a pro!

Don’t forget to get bendy to land your Kickflip like a pro!

As you feel the board hit the ground, absorb the shock by bending your knees.

This will also help you keep your balance and maintain control of the board.

And if you’re already rolling on the street? Just own it – rock your trick with style!

Patience and practice pay off

Kickflips are the most challenging basic tricks, so nailing them might take a while.

Stay persistent and focused – with consistent repetition, and you’ll get that perfect flip quickly!

Now let’s move on to kickflip variations

Once you’ve got the basics down, why not try some different variations?

After all, variations are a big part of a kickflip, so let’s see how to do it step by step:

Ready to take your kicks to the next level? Then try a double kickflip!

Just give it some extra oomph and flick the board with more speed and force.

You’ll need to flick your board harder and faster than an ollie, but the same technique applies.

Don’t be discouraged; with enough practice, you’ll flip your board over twice (or three times!) in no time!

Check out a varial kickflip!

It combines the spinning motion of a shove-it with the flipping action of a kickflip so that you can show off those radical combo moves.

Pop the board on your toe and flick the nose – with enough practice, you’ll be smacking EPIC varials in no time!

Are you looking to add some next-level skill to your flip game? Check out a kickflip body varial!

It involves switching your position mid-air – flipping your body 180 degrees frontside, then landing in a switch stance.

Don’t be intimidated; you’ll quickly show off your rad stunts with enough practice!

Now try a kickflip indy

It’s all about timing – flick the board further out than usual, grab it mid-air, and prepare for an impressive landing.

You’ll need some speed and height to pull off this one, but with enough practice, you can master the move and show off like a pro.

Give the kickflip underflip a try!

It’s an advanced move that requires lots of practice, but you can get it with enough focus and effort – use the top of your toe to flick the board and land in style.

Frequently asked questions about Kickflip

Here are some questions you might have about kickflips:

How to do a kickflip on a skateboard easily?

If you’re starting, try an ollie first.

This will help you get used to flipping the board and give you a feel for landing your Kickflip.

Check my guide about how to ollie for more details.

Is a kickflip a beginner trick?

No. Kickflips are intermediate to advanced tricks and may take weeks or even months of practice to master.

Start with basic tricks, such as ollies, before progressing to kickflips.

But honestly, it’s not that hard, so in my opinion, beginners can try to do it, keep practicing, and don’t give up.

Is Kickflip easier than ollie?

The Kickflip is a different street skating twist requiring much practice and dedication.

It demands an unusual riding position and flipping technique, which makes it quite alien to many skaters – but don’t let that stop you!

With enough focus, you can get there in no time. So pull off the ollie kickflip like a pro and confidently show off your tricks!

How do you kickflip every time?

The Kickflip may seem daunting initially, but with some practice and dedication, you can master it quickly!

Jump up vertically and tap the board’s upper side with your front foot – once you execute this flawlessly, a world of possibilities opens up.

So put those wheels to work and perform the Kickflip like a pro!

Can you go from ollie to Kickflip?

Yes, you can go from an ollie to a kickflip – make sure you are a master at ollie when moving to Kickflip.

Practice the ollie motion and its timing until you can do it like a pro. Once you have mastered the basics, it’ll be much easier to make your way to kickflips!

How do you do a kickflip with no experience?

Start with the basics – try an ollie first.

This will help you get used to flipping the board and give you a feel for landing your Kickflip. Once you have mastered the ollie, then it’s time to move on to kickflips!

Jump up vertically and tap the board’s upper side with your front foot – once you execute this flawlessly, a world of possibilities opens up.

With enough practice and dedication, you’ll be landing kickflips like a pro in no time!

How do you do a perfect kickflip?

Practice makes perfect! It may take weeks or even months of practice to master a kickflip.

Start with basic tricks, such as ollies, before progressing to kickflips.

Once you have mastered the basics, perfecting the Kickflip will be much easier.

How many days does it take to learn Kickflip?

It depends on how often you practice and how much dedication you put into it.

Some people may take a few weeks to master the Kickflip, while others may take months or even years!

But with enough practice and dedication, you can quickly become an expert!

Does it matter which way you kickflip?

If you’ve struggled to nail the perfect Kickflip, your front foot position might be the key.

Ensure the ball of your front foot is behind the front trucks and angled slightly – this will help you get that essential kick that facilitates a successful flip.

With just a few minor adjustments, you’ll get those kickflips in no time!

How do you flick a kickflip faster?

Removing more of your toe from the board when you flick will enable you to generate more force on the flick and make the board spin faster.

Do you catch a kickflip with your front or back foot?

It’s essential to catch the board with your back foot. If you catch it with your front foot, the board will continue flipping, and you won’t be able to stay on balance.

To land a successful kickflip, keep your eyes on the board as it flips and anticipate where it will land so you can adjust your stance accordingly.

In conclusion

If you follow my step-by-step guide and practice as often as you can master the basics of skateboarding, you can pull off kickflips quickly.

Remember, becoming a pro at tricking takes time and dedication – so keep practicing and don’t give up!

Let me know in the comments below how long it takes you to learn how to kickflip, and if you have more tips for the website readers – I would love to read them!

Meanwhile, visit my blog for more skateboard tips and tricks.

Happy skating!

Good luck, and have fun! 🤙🏻✌️ 🛹 💨 🔥


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