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How to skateboard safely?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to skateboard but were too afraid of falling and getting hurt?

Or maybe you already know how to skateboard but want to ensure you’re doing it safely.

Either way, this blog post is for you! In it, we’ll go over tips on staying safe while skateboarding.

So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, keep reading to learn how to skateboard safely!

Don’t be a kook – know the basics of skateboarding before you start

Skateboarding is fantastic, no doubt about it.

The thrill of riding on your board, mastering the basics, and even showing off slick tricks to your friends provides endless excitement.

But if you’re not careful when you begin, you could get stuck with a reputation as a “kook” – someone who dives into the sport without taking the time to learn all its nuances.

Start slow and develop your skills gradually; before you know it, you’ll be ollie-ing like a pro!

So don’t miss out on stellar skateboarding experiences by skipping the fundamentals – know the basics of skateboarding first and have some serious fun!

How to skateboard safely

Wear the proper safety gear, including a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards

Whether you skate up and down the streets like Tony Hawk or use a skateboard to get to your friend’s house, safety comes first!

So don’t forget to throw on the proper protective gear before your skate sesh – a helmet, elbow, knee pads, wrist guards, glasses or goggles, and close-toed shoes.

It may not be the most fashionable look, but if it helps keep you safe, why not?

Of course, no skateboarding experience is complete without a few bumps, scrapes, and bruises – hopefully, not any major ones.

Check your equipment before every skating session

Skateboards, like any equipment, can be hazardous if not regularly maintained.

Before every skate session, give your board a once-over to ensure everything looks and feels good.

Check for cracks in the deck, rusted or damaged hardware, loose bearings and wheels, and frayed or worn-out grip tape.

If you notice any significant issues, it’s time for a replacement!

So remember: check it for loose, broken, or cracked parts, and make sure there are no sharp edges on the metal boards. Also, ensure that the top surface isn’t slippery and that all your wheels are free from nicks and cracks.

Safety first – have fun, but stay safe and check your board before you ride!

Find a good spot to skate – away from traffic and obstacles that could trip you up

When deciding on the perfect skating spot, it’s time to get picky!

Look for a place that provides ample space and an atmosphere free of potholes or other hazards.

The last thing you want is to perform aerial tricks only to land on some pesky street obstacle.

Traffic might be your second worst enemy, as drivers often fail to anticipate the inevitable swerve of a skating enthusiast.

So find yourself a nice patch of grass, sidewalk, boardwalk… wherever!

Make sure it’s passed the test for skater safety – you know what to look for here – and go ahead and bust out those fancy footwork moves!

Start slow and build up your speed as you get more comfortable on the board

When it comes to skateboarding, it always pays off to start slow.

You gradually build up speed as your confidence and skill on the board increase.

Trying to go too fast before you’re seasoned can be a recipe for disaster – it’d be like trying to enter the Tour de France without ever having learned how to ride a bike before!

In skateboarding, as with anything else, practice makes perfect.

Get comfortable first, then gradually build up the speed – you’ll soon find yourself zipping around like an Olympic athlete!

Practice basic tricks in an empty area before trying them out in public

Practice is vital for those of us stepping into the world of stunts and showmanship.

Mastering complicated tricks will require hours of dedication and hard work.

But even with all the dedication in the world, taking a few extra precautions would still pay off before putting your skills on full display in front of an audience.

Find an empty area with enough space to move around comfortably- practicing basic stunts and movements here could make all the difference when you’re ready for a performance.

And remember- even seasoned showmen repeat these steps for preparation! But, hey, presto- you’ll be dazzling crowds in no time!

Be aware of your surroundings at all times and stay alert for potential hazards

Being aware of your surroundings is very important in life.

It doesn’t just help you navigate the environment around you and avoid danger; it can also factor into how much fun you have.

If you’re always one step ahead of the situation and know what’s coming, then there’s maximum adventure potential with every move.

As Thoreau said, “go confidently in the direction of your dreams” – as long as you keep it safe and remain alert, seize it when an opportunity arises!

Remember that there are potential hazards at all times, so being aware of your environment will put you more in control and give you those adventurous thrills without any danger.

Learn how to fall – because you are going to fall!

As much as you’d like to believe otherwise, no matter how skilled and experienced you become at skateboarding, falling is inevitable.

It’s an unpleasant reality we must accept if we want to keep skating confidently.

The best way to minimize any potential damage is to learn the proper form of falling- the goal here is to try and break the fall as much as possible with your arms and legs rather than taking full force on your back or head.

Here are a few tips for falling from a skateboard:

Crouch down before you lose control; land on soft-tissue areas; try to roll with the fall instead of using your arms; relax rather than go rigid; and practice falling on a soft surface like grass.

Now go out there and show gravity who’s boss!

Stay safe – here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:

  • An adult should always accompany small kids. In addition, kids younger than five should not be allowed to skate.
  • Always wear a helmet and knee and elbow pads while skating.
  • Be aware of your environment and stay alert for potential hazards. For example, stay away from the streets and skate in designated areas.
  • Obey all the area’s rules, and remember that safety always comes first.
  • When shredding with other skaters, remember to be respectful and look out for each other. Show consideration to those who may be younger or less skilled. After all, skatepark fun is for everyone – let’s keep it that way!
  • When you’re out on your board, leave the headphones at home. Nothing can detract from your concentration and focus more than music playing in your ears. Keep your eyes peeled and stay aware of other skaters and obstacles around you – it’ll keep you safer while you skate!
  • When it comes to skateboarding, one rider = one board. Trying to fit more than one person on a skateboard can be dangerous – not only for you but for others around you too. So please keep it safe and stick to a single rider per board!
  • Are you planning to get a ride from a car or bike while skateboarding? That’s not a good idea. Not only is it dangerous for you, but it can also be dangerous for the driver and other road users.
  • When the weather’s wet, don’t reach for your skateboard. While a wet ride might sound fun, it can be hazardous. So why not stay dry and enjoy the indoors instead?
  • Steer clear of using homemade skateboard ramps – it’s not worth the risk. Hacky DIY projects can be fun and creative, but safety should always come first!
  • Stay away from crowded walkways and avoid any unnecessary night-time adventures. Skate smart and keep yourself out of harm’s way – no one wants an unwanted trip in the dark!
  • Whatever you do, don’t make skitching a habit! Holding onto the side or rear of a moving vehicle is not only dangerous but illegal as well. Moreover, the dangers in this activity are far from worth it – you could quickly be thrown into oncoming traffic if the vehicle suddenly slows, stops, or turns.
  • And lastly, don’t forget to have lots of fun! With these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to take on the world of skating like an old pro!

In conclusion

Skateboarding is an unusual and exciting activity that can bring lots of joy into your life – but only if you stay safe and show respect for yourself and others.

Be aware of potential hazards at all times, so being aware of your environment will put you more in control and give you those adventurous thrills without any danger.

By following the tips outlined above, you can enjoy your skateboarding experience with the knowledge that you’re staying safe and out of harm’s way.

In the comments section below, let me know if you have another tip to add to my list.

Until next time, take care and read my other guides on my website.

And don’t forget: If you ever find yourself in a skateboarding accident, call 911 as soon as possible.

Help is available, and it’s always essential to have first aid ready and waiting – just in case of any surprises!


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