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What are the softest skateboard wheels?

Hey, fellow skateboard enthusiasts! It’s Matt, your dedicated guide through the vibrant world of skating.

Today, we’re embarking on a thrilling journey into the very essence of the skateboard – the wheels.

Imagine a smooth ride that feels like you’re gliding on air, effortlessly conquering any terrain.

Intrigued? You’re in for a treat as we unravel the mystery behind the softest skateboard wheels.

Skating isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle, and every skater knows the pivotal role wheels play in shaping the experience.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to roll on clouds, this guide is your roadmap.

From the science behind softness to the diverse world of durometer ratings, we’re about to explore why soft skateboard wheels are more than just a trend – game-changers.

So, buckle up your helmets, tighten those trucks, and get ready to dive deep into the world of the softest skateboard wheels – where every ride feels like a surreal dance between your board and the pavement.

Welcome to the ultimate guide on cruising on clouds.

Let’s roll!

What are the softest skateboard wheels

Understanding Softness: The Key to a Smooth Ride

When it comes to skateboard wheels, softness is the game-changer.

So, what exactly is softness, and why does it matter?

Softness refers to the durometer rating of the wheels, measured on the A scale.

The lower the number, the softer the wheels.

Soft wheels provide enhanced grip, shock absorption, and a smoother ride over rough surfaces.

Now, let’s delve into the softest options available.

Pillow-Soft Delight: Exploring 78A Durometer Wheels

78A: A Softer Side of Skateboarding

78A durometer wheels are your ticket to bliss if you’re after the ultimate cushy ride.

These wheels offer the softest feel, perfect for cruising and commuting.

The low durometer rating ensures excellent shock absorption, letting you roll effortlessly over cracks and pebbles.

Moreover, the increased grip is a game-changer for those who love carving and freeriding.

Brands Leading the 78A Game

Regarding 78A durometer wheels, a few brands have taken the lead.

Bones, Ricta, and OJ Wheels are renowned for their quality and innovation.

These brands have mastered the art of crafting wheels that provide the perfect blend of softness and durability, ensuring a dreamy ride every time.

Beyond the Basics: Soft Wheels for Tricks and Technical Moves

Soft Wheels for Street Skating

Soft wheels aren’t just for cruisers; they can also be a game-changer for street skaters who love performing technical tricks.

While softer wheels may not be the traditional choice for street skating, they bring unique advantages.

The increased grip can improve stability during landings, and the softer feel can make it easier to maneuver the board with precision.

Best of Both Worlds: The 80A-85A Range

For those who want a bit more versatility, wheels in the 80A-85A range offer a softer feel without compromising too much on hardness. This range is ideal for skaters who enjoy cruising and street tricks. Brands like Spitfire and Santa Cruz have some fantastic options in this range, catering to the needs of skaters who refuse to be confined to a single style.

Soft Wheels for the Park: Navigating Transition with Ease

Transition Skating Essentials

Transition skating demands different wheels, whether in a skatepark or an empty pool.

Soft wheels with a durometer rating in the mid-80s strike the perfect balance between grip and slide.

This allows skaters to navigate transitions smoothly while still being able to execute slides and grinds effortlessly.

Top Picks for Transition Skaters

For transition skating, brands like Powell Peralta and Independent Trucks offer wheels that cater specifically to the needs of park enthusiasts.

These wheels are designed to withstand the wear and tear of coping slides while providing the softness required for a fluid ride in the park.

Maintenance Matters: Extending the Lifespan of Soft Wheels

The Challenge of Soft Wheels

While soft wheels offer an unparalleled riding experience, they come with a challenge – they wear out faster than their more rigid counterparts.

Proper maintenance is crucial to maximize the lifespan of your soft wheels.

Regularly rotate your wheels to ensure even wear, and invest in quality bearings to minimize friction.

Picking the Right Surface

Soft wheels excel on rough surfaces but can wear out quickly on smooth terrain.

If you’re a street skater, consider having a separate set of wheels for cruising and another for technical tricks.

This way, you can preserve the softness of your cruising wheels for longer.

Cruising on Clouds: Unveiling the Softest Skateboard Wheels

Quick Reference Table: Softest Skateboard Wheels

Durometer RatingBest UseTop Brands
78ACruising, CommutingBones, Ricta, OJ Wheels
80A-85AStreet Skating, VersatileSpitfire, Santa Cruz
Mid-80sTransition SkatingPowell Peralta, Independent Trucks

In Conclusion

Softness opens up a realm of possibilities in the world of skateboard wheels.

Whether you’re a cruiser, street skater, or transition enthusiast, a perfect set of soft wheels awaits you.

From the silky smooth 78A durometer wheels to the versatile mid-80s options, finding the balance that suits your riding style is critical.

Remember, soft wheels aren’t just about comfort; they’re about unlocking new dimensions in your skating experience.

So, swap out those old wheels and cruise on clouds – your feet will thank you.


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