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What is a skateboard truck?

Skateboarding is not just about the deck and wheels; the intricate components like skateboard trucks bring this thrilling sport to life.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re new to skateboarding or simply curious about the essential elements that make a skateboard work.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of skateboard trucks, exploring their purpose, types, and how they impact your ride.

So, fasten your seatbelts – or, in this case, your trucks – as we embark on an exciting journey to answer the fundamental question: What is a skateboard truck?

What is a skateboard truck

A skateboard truck is a T-shaped metal component that is essential to a skateboard. Trucks are mounted to the underside of the skateboard deck, and they serve several vital functions in skateboarding:

Axle Attachment:

The truck has an axle that runs through its center.

The wheels are mounted on the ends of this axle, allowing them to spin freely.

Wheel Attachment:

The truck’s design allows the wheels to rotate, which is crucial for the skateboard’s movement.

Turning Mechanism:

Trucks enable the skateboard to turn.

They are designed to pivot, and the degree to which they pivot determines how easily a skateboard can turn.

This is achieved through bushings, which are rubbery components that provide resistance when turning.


Trucks provide stability to the skateboard.

They help distribute the rider’s weight evenly across the deck, ensuring balance and control.

Skateboard trucks come in various sizes and styles to accommodate different types of skateboarding, such as street, vert, or longboarding.

Some factors to consider when choosing skateboard trucks include the deck’s width, the riding style, and personal preference.

Properly adjusted trucks can significantly impact a skateboarder’s riding performance and comfort.


How do I know my skateboard truck size?

Measure the width of your skateboard deck in inches, then select trucks that match this width for the best performance.

Can my trucks be more comprehensive than my board?

No, it’s generally recommended that your trucks match the width of your skateboard deck to ensure proper alignment and stability.

Can your trucks be smaller than your deck?

No, using trucks smaller than your deck’s width may lead to instability and an increased risk of wheel bite during turns, so it’s not recommended.

Is there a difference between longboard and skateboard trucks?

Yes, there are differences.

Longboard trucks are typically wider and designed for stability, while skateboard trucks are more versatile for tricks and street riding.

Can I put 139 trucks on the 8.25 deck?

No, it’s not recommended.

The width of the trucks should match the deck width, so 139 trucks are too narrow for an 8.25-inch deck.

How do skateboard trucks turn?

Skateboard trucks turn through the pivot mechanism, using bushings to create resistance and allow the board to lean and steer.

What is a low skateboard truck?

A low skateboard truck has a lower profile, sits closer to the deck, offers more stability, and reduces the risk of wheel bite during sharp turns.

Will 8.0 trucks fit the 8.0 deck?

Yes, 8.0 trucks are designed to fit an 8.0-inch skateboard deck, ensuring proper alignment.

Will 144 trucks fit an 8.25 deck?

Yes, 144 trucks suit an 8.25-inch deck, matching the deck width for optimal performance.

In conclusion

Skateboard trucks may seem like small pieces of metal, but they play a massive role in your skateboarding experience.

They determine how smoothly you can carve, how responsive your board is to your movements, and even your safety while riding.

As you’ve learned from this guide, the choice of trucks should align with your skating style, deck size, and personal preferences.

With the proper knowledge and trucks, you can fine-tune your setup for the perfect ride.

So, whether you’re an aspiring skateboarder or a seasoned pro, never underestimate the impact of those trusty T-shaped companions because in skateboarding, every detail counts.

Now, armed with a better understanding of skateboard trucks, go out there and shred confidently!


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