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What to wear to skateboard?

So you want to start skateboarding but are unsure what to wear.

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Here are some tips on how to dress for success (and comfort) on your board.

If you’re a beginner, start with comfortable clothes you can quickly move around in

As a beginner in the skateboarding world, it’s best to start with durable and comfortable clothes that won’t inhibit any of your movements.

Of course, you don’t want to look frumpy — balance fashion with function and dress in something you can be proud of on the board.

Opt for heavier fabrics such as chino or denim for more durable shredding sessions.

This will help you ride longer and protect your clothes from inevitable wear & tear.

Want to take your skate game to the next level? Invest in everyday wear that allows some flexibility – think slightly stretchable fabrics.

This will help you pull off those core movements without constraining your legwork.

What matters most is choosing clothing that won’t get in your way when you’re trying to roll away!

What to wear to skateboard

You’ll want to avoid loose clothing that could get caught on the skateboard or obstacles

You want to be fashionable and sensible about what to wear while skateboarding.

Loose clothing can look great, but what good is looking great if your clothing gets you tangled up in the middle of a session?

Even worse, some items could get caught on the skateboard or obstacles, so wear them tight enough that they won’t drag you.

Maybe “safety-first” can become the new must-have fashion trend.

Look for clothes made of breathable materials like cotton to keep you cool while skating

Finding the right outfit to skate in is a crucial choice to make.

Why? It’s what’s between you and bodily injury, so choose wisely!

Opting for breathable materials like cotton is your best bet as it keeps air circulating and heat-releasing out.

Going for breathable fabrics will keep you cool and look pretty cool, too – what more could a skater ask for?

Just check for durability, too, so those sick tricks won’t come with any unexpected tears or holes.

So what are you waiting for? Get suited up, and let’s have some fun!

As you become more experienced, you can experiment with different styles and brands of clothing designed specifically for skateboarding

Skateboarding is an enjoyable and expressive way of traversing the terrain, and what you wear plays a crucial role in propelling your style.

As you become more experienced, the clothing choices open up – starting from what to wear for comfortable landings, what to wear for those grinds across rails and alleys, what to wear when you’re kicking back with some friends at a skatepark – the possibilities are endless!

You can experiment with whatever brands and styles make sense to you.

Many options designed specifically for skateboarders give you the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and cool factor.

It’s never too late to change your wardrobe choices to get the most out of your underground style.

Don’t forget to wear protective gear like a helmet and pads when skateboarding, no matter your skill level!

Protective gear should always be your sidekick in skateboarding, whether you can do a 360 flip or barely manage to stay balanced.

We all make mistakes, which can hurt – but don’t forget that helmets and pads have your back!

If you step up your game with some sick moves, you might as well look cool – helmets come in various colors and designs, so pick one that matches your board!

Of course, it’s all about safety first – which means donning those elbow and knee pads!

So there you have it: protective gear isn’t optional if you want to go skateboarding.

What clothes should you wear skateboarding?

The key to selecting the right outfit for skateboarding is finding the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and style.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Skate in style with your favorite cotton shirts, tanks, or hoodies. But, of course, your fashion choice won’t affect your ride, so define yourself with some sweet streetwear!
  • When street skating, pants are a popular choice – offering protection for your legs as you try new tricks. Are you looking to step up your game in the bowl or vert? Shorts may be a better fit, providing that extra flexibility and allowing you to rock your knee pads for an extra layer of protection.
  • When it comes to choosing clothes to skate in, it’s all about the right mix of warm and cool. For cooler climates, pants are a great way to stay warm while shredding, whereas shorts are the preferable choice if you’re looking to beat the heat. So whether you’re skating in Thailand or Norway, ensure your wardrobe has all the bases covered!
  • Most importantly, don’t forget to wear protective gear like a helmet and pads when skateboarding. Safety should always come first – and you can still look cool doing it!

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about skateboarding clothing that you are probably asking:

What should you not wear when skateboarding?

When it comes to skateboarding, loose-fitting jeans or track pants are the way to go.

Shorts are a big no-no: they can leave your legs vulnerable to bumps and scratches, so avoiding them altogether is best.

And when you’re picking out a shirt, make sure it’s made of a breathable fabric like cotton – this will keep you comfortable even when the tricks get tough!

What do girl skateboarders wear?

If you’re a girl skateboarder, wearing graphic tees and baggy pants paired with sneakers and a hoodie is fashionable.

Not only does this look stylish, but it also provides maximum comfort and flexibility while you rip it up on your board!

Can you skateboard in jeans?

Yes, skateboarding in jeans is ideal for street skating.

They offer all the protection and flexibility you need while attempting flip tricks, grinds, and slides in the bowl.

Pick a pair that fits snugly but is still comfortable enough to move around!

Chinos are also an excellent alternative to jeans.

They offer the same level of protection without being too restrictive.

Remember, when it comes to skateboarding clothes, comfort is key!

Choose items that fit you right and look stylish – your riding will thank you later.

Can I skate in sweatpants?

Opt for shorts, sweatpants, or athletic pants to stay comfy while skateboarding.

If you must wear jeans, ensure they’re super-soft and broken in.

And don’t settle for any old pair when it comes to socks. Thick and tall socks are the way to go – trust us!

How do you look good on a skateboard?

Looking good on a skateboard is about embracing the surf and skate culture.

Opt for items like graphic tees, baggy pants, sneakers, and hoodies to create stylish outfits with maximum freedom of movement.

And don’t forget to accessorize with a fabulous pair of shades or a cap!

Should beginner skateboarders wear pads?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, beginner skateboarders should wear pads when they are first starting.

This will ensure that you get accustomed to the motion of skateboarding and protect yourself from any potential bumps or falls.

As you become more experienced, you can decide whether or not you want to continue wearing pads.

Why do skaters wear baggy clothes?

Forget the fancy outfits – comfort is essential when it comes to skateboarding!

Loose-fitting clothes give you a maximum range of motion, allowing you to perform all your tricks efficiently.

Look good and feel great by opting for baggy tees, sweatpants, low-top sneakers, and a cap or sunglasses.

And remember: while expensive gear looks nice, it’s unnecessary for success.

Let your style and skills do the talking!

Can you wear sneakers while skateboarding?

Make sure you have the right gear for your skateboarding sessions!

Invest in some dedicated skate shoes – their reinforced soles, padding, and grippy outsoles provide maximum control over your board.

Your regular sneakers won’t give you as much grip, not to mention that ‘board feels’…

Don’t miss out on skill-building due to lack of proper footwear – get the most out of your session with the right pair of shoes.

Can you wear skinny jeans to skate?

Nothing says ‘skater style’ like the perfect pair of jeans!

Whether you opt for tight skinnies or looser, baggier fits, ensure they provide enough flexibility and comfort for all your skateboarding moves.

Top off your look with a bit of attitude – leave your boxers showing to get that hip-hop vibe.

After all, mastering tricks is way more important than an outfit – choose pants that give you maximum freedom and let you show off those skills!

In conclusion

There’s no need to break the bank or your wardrobe when looking for skate fashion.

When you first get started, comfort and breathability should come first.

As you become more experienced, you can begin layering on the style.

Just don’t forget the necessary safety gear – even if it isn’t as fashionable, staying safe out there is necessary!

Skateboarding is a great way to have fun and sharpen your skills.

So take time to find the perfect fashionable fit for you and confidently head out!

Now that I’ve guided you through finding stylish clothes for skateboarding, feel free to leave a comment or check out my other posts for other ways to ramp up your skating game!


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