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Why is my board turning on its own?

Hey, fellow skateboard enthusiasts, it’s Matt, your go-to guy for skateboarding.

Lately, I’ve been getting many messages from you guys about a peculiar issue – your skateboard mysteriously turning on its own.

This intrigued me as someone who cherishes the feel of the pavement beneath my wheels.

Let’s dive deep into this phenomenon and figure out why our trusty boards sometimes have a mind of their own.

Why is my board turning on its own

The Basics: Understanding Skateboard Components

Before we jump into the turning enigma, let’s revisit the basics.

A skateboard is a finely tuned machine, and its components play a crucial role in how it maneuvers.

The deck, trucks, wheels, and bearings work harmoniously to give us that smooth ride.

Any deviation from this harmony could be the culprit behind the spontaneous turning.

Skateboards are like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike.

The size, shape, and weight of your deck, the tightness of your trucks, and the quality of your bearings all contribute to the overall experience.

So, let’s break down each component and see how they might conspire against your straight-line ride.

Deck Dynamics: Flex and Shape

Your deck is the canvas of your skateboarding masterpiece.

It has a personality based on material, flex, and shape. If your deck has excessive flex, it might react to your weight distribution or the terrain, causing the board to turn unexpectedly.

Additionally, specific deck shapes are more prone to turning due to their design, so keep an eye on the subtleties of your board’s construction.

Truck Tension: Tight or Loose?

Trucks are the unsung heroes of skateboarding, determining how smoothly you carve or how stable your ride is.

The tightness of your trucks can significantly influence the turning behavior of your skateboard. If they’re too loose, your board might feel unsafe and prone to turning without warning.

On the other hand, overly tight trucks can hinder your ability to make sharp turns. Finding that sweet spot is critical to maintaining control.

Wheel Woes: Size and Hardness Matter

Wheels are often overlooked, but they play a vital role in your skateboard’s handling.

The size and hardness of your wheels affect how they grip the surface.

Smaller, softer wheels provide more grip, which might lead to unexpected turns.

Conversely, more prominent, harder wheels can make your board feel more rigid, resisting unwanted movements.

Please look at your wheels and ensure they suit your riding style.

Real-Life Scenarios: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Now that we’ve dissected the components, let’s discuss real-world scenarios that might contribute to your skateboard’s rebellious behavior.

Terrain Troubles: Cracks, Pebbles, and Uneven Surfaces

Skateboarding is an art, and every artist knows that the canvas matters.

Uneven surfaces, cracks, and pebbles can throw your board off balance, making it turn unexpectedly.

Pay attention to the terrain you’re riding on and adjust your approach accordingly.

Sometimes, it’s not the skateboard but the unruly canvas.

Weight Distribution: Finding Your Center

Your body is the captain of this ship, and how you distribute your weight can significantly impact your skateboard’s trajectory.

If you find your board turning, evaluate how you distribute your weight.

Center your body over the trucks for stability, and shift your weight deliberately when making turns.

It’s a delicate dance between you and your board.

Maintenance Matters: Keeping Your Ride in Check

Maintaining your skateboard is like taking care of a prized possession.

Regular check-ups can prevent minor issues from turning into big problems.

Bearing Blues: When to Swap Them Out

Bearings are the unsung heroes of a smooth ride.

If worn out or dirty, they can impact how your wheels spin and, consequently, how your board turns.

Regularly clean and lubricate your bearings; if they’re past their prime, consider swapping them out for a fresh set.

Your skateboard will thank you.

Bushings: The Forgotten Heroes

Bushings are the rubbery bits in your trucks, dictating how responsive they are.

If your skateboard turns unexpectedly, it might be time to reassess your bushings.

They wear out over time, affecting the trucks’ stability.

Experiment with different durometers and find the combination that suits your riding style.

ComponentPossible IssueSolution
DeckExcessive flex or shape designConsider a stiffer deck or adjust your riding style
TrucksToo tight or too looseExperiment with different tightness levels
WheelsWrong size or hardnessChoose wheels suitable for your riding style
TerrainUneven surfaces, cracks, or pebblesBe mindful of your surroundings and adjust your approach
Weight DistributionOff-center weightCenter your body over the trucks and shift weight deliberately
BearingsDirty or worn-outClean and lubricate regularly, consider replacement if needed
BushingsWorn-out bushingsExperiment with different durometers and replace them if necessary

In conclusion

There you have it, my fellow riders – a comprehensive guide to why your skateboard might be turning on its own.

Skateboarding is dynamic; sometimes, our boards want to join in the fun.

You can regain control and enjoy the ride by understanding the nuances of your skateboard’s components and the various factors at play.

Remember, your skateboard is not just a mode of transportation; it’s an extension of your style and personality.

Treat it with care, and it will reward you with endless hours of cruising pleasure.

Until next time, keep stay on course!


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